Hey love, I am Marissa!

I am a Crystal Reiki Master Healer and Lunar High Priestess, and I am here to serve cosmic women, like you, to get crystal clear with their desires and call them in.

I work with the energies of the Moon, Earth, and Stars, to help women remember that they are magickal, powerful, creatures co-creating with the Universe their magickal dream life into existence.

I aspire to help every woman I work with to embody and align their cosmic energy to their dreams, raising their frequency, and drawing their desires in like a magnet!

It is possible and I give you the tools to do it.

The journey is not always easy. Trust me, I know!


I am a new mama :: an empath :: entrepreneur :: priestess :: crystal healer :: author

I understand how it can feel like a juggling act, or so overwhelming you feel paralyzed. Or how it can be so easy to get stuck on the grind and forget about the magick around you.

It can be so easy to forget what and who we truly are…

You are not alone.

What I do know, is this:

You can blend the energies, you can find the magick in the mundane. You can find ways to connect with your magick everyday.