Moon, My Compass


Moon, My Compass

Moondaughter is dedicated to the magick, mystery, and beauty of the Moon in all Her phases.

"A Woman is a story of ebb and flow and the Moon that comes and goes"


Learn to navigate the currents of your unique ebb & flow with the Moon as your compass and loving guide:

Local Events!

Join Moondaughter every New Moon in Southern California!

Lunar Flow E-course

The Lunar e-course to help you tune to the Moon in all her phases!

Spirit de la Lune

The first moon phase oracle deck created by Marissa and Rachael!


Crystals, My Companions

Crystals, My Companions

We are all Crystalline structures made of Gaia

"In a crystal, we have evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being."

~Nikola Tesla

Crystal companions channel and direct our energy toward healing and higher vibrational living. Learn to work with your crystals with Moondaughter:

Stone Medicine

A 6 part Crystal Healing journey awaits 

Coming soon!

Crystal Healing thru the Moon Phases 


Crystal Visionz

Coming Soon! Book a Crystal Reading

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Intuition, My Voice

Intuition, My Voice

Intuition is Completely devoted to our soul path. 

"Intuition is seeing with your soul."

~ Dean Koontz

When attuned with your voice of intuition you can fully align with your magick and gifts to share with the world. Let these tools help you find your voice:

Tarot Journey

A 12 part e-course deepening your connection to the Tarot & the archetypes that live through you

Mystic School

Begin the transformational journey into the magical realms of the Moon, crystals, tarot & more!

Chakra Rhythms

Listen to the intuitive energy realms of your body and energy field in the 7 part E-course of the rainbow path