Week Four: Waning Moon

Ebb Healing

 boundaries. protection. release. rest. reflect.

Everyone ebbs, everyone has low days. Our energy wanes like the moon. The moon shows us that waning is natural and is an important process of our cycle. Ebb energy allows us to rest so we can have build up once again. As empaths we feel this need to withdraw strongly.  We need adequate time to recuperate from crowds, clients, friends, loved ones, and you know what? That is okay. Allow this time for yourself. If you notice your clients or loved ones coming into their own ebb phase, take note and approach them with care. I find these healing activities are more potent during the waning moon or our own ebb phase:

Boundaries. Protection. Grounding. i find if I exert myself too much during the waxing moon, I am usually low on reserves by the time the waning moon comes around. These activities help me re-balance:

  • Take time to know and set up your own boundaries. Say no to a project or person if you know it will drain you. What are your boundaries as a friend? Healer? Mother? Lover? The more clear you are with your boundaries, the easier it will be to say no and not feel guilty.

  • Imagine white light surrounding you. Feel the energy form a protective bubble around your physical body and aura. Does it change color at all? Does it start from a certain chakra? While forming this bubble, visualize it as a shield protecting you during your day from any negativity from others, situations, or your own thoughts, and see this shield only allowing positivity in. What color is this positive light coming into your aura? Receive it joyfully! Try this visualization throughout your ebbing phase, when you know you will be in a draining situation, or before you start your day!

  • Grounding is so important for empaths and sensitive folk. We absorb so much debris, we need to release it somehow. Try this after a stressful day. Sit down cross-legged with your palms on the ground, preferably on the actual earth soil and not carpet or tile. Imagine all the negativity and debris from your day attached to you and your aura. What does it look like? Color? Actual objects? I like to visualize them as black little orbs clinging to my aura. As you inhale tense your muscles focusing on these orbs. When you exhale visualize a green or sapphire blue waterfall pouring down on your body and washing the orbs away. Let the orbs release and sink into Mama earth through your palms. Do this inhale/exhale visualization, until you feel too relaxed.


Releasing. Detox. the waning moon teaches us to shed our layers. holistically this can look like: 

  • Fasting. Physically fasting, such as a juice fast or fasting from sugar, meat or increasing water consumption can help you move through this heavy, slower phase with more fluidity. Please be careful and consult your physician before you start a physical fast. Detox yoga, or movements with lots of twisting can be beneficial as well.

  • Release the need to gossip, compare, feed your fears, and your own negative thoughts. We are the only ones holding us back. Our relationships and situations are outward manifestations of our inner world. If someone is triggering a negative response from us, it is because we experiencing and facing our shadow. Our shadow holds our fears. But she needs love to. Write down all your fears on small pieces of paper. In a fire proof container burn them and let their power over you dissipate.

  • When in doubt. Smudge it out. Simply going outside under the waning moonlight and burning your smudge bundle can do wonders for your soul. Cleansing, releasing, purifying. Sage is great, but even try mugwort - a wonderful moon herb. Imagine your fears leaving with the smoke and cleansing your spirit.


Rest. Reflect. with this inward phase allowing rest and reflection allows us to heal and rebuild. Restful activities I like to practice during the waning moon and my ebb phase are:

  • Yin Yoga. This type of yoga focuses on restorative poses while holding them for 3-5 minutes at a time. It allows us to check in with our body and slowly release and ease and melt into this surrender. This is such an amazing meditation. It is not active in movement, but your inner world comes alive. Learn more here about this ultimate feminine yoga practice.

  • Journal. Journaling is great anytime, but I find I become more insightful during my ebb phase. I am able to reflect more on my journey rather than just living in it during my flow phase. Take some time to go over you moon chart and write about any patterns, shifts, and observations you see. What has been your experience? Has moon charting helped you discover your own empathetic cycle?

  • Sleep! I forget how important sleep and rest is. If your body wants to go to bed earlier this week don't be surprised. Observe any dreams you may have right now. They may be more vivid during this phase.

Try one or more of these activities in this next week and share your experience!

Moon Journal prompts

During what phase of the moon is your ebb time? What ebb activities restore your soul?

How much ebb time do you need? How much time do you actually give yourself? 



Grandmother Crone

Mother Moon has matured. She is past her peak and now she is the Wise Crone. She has been the vibrant Maiden waxing and growing; she has embodied the Ripe Mother in all her fullness; now she has the wisdom to reflect this journey from within while the moon wanes. She is not afraid of herself. She is proud, she holds in her moon blood - she keeps this sacred magic of creation within. She is the Hekate, the Morrigan, the Baba Yaga. She walks the darkness with grace and knows her intuition is her most trusted companion. She has realized and has stepped into her wild power. She is a sight to behold!

What would it look like to step into your own Crone power?

The waning moon is the Crone's domain. You may have felt this Crone energy all through the phases, or maybe not. 

How will you be connecting with your own crone this waning moon? How is your relationship with her? Try the meditation below and see where she leads you....


Autumn and winter are the Crone's seasons, but you can find her cottage any season within you. Relax into the meditation with your Crone.

Autumn and winter are the Crone's seasons, but you can find her cottage any season within you. Relax into the meditation with your Crone.


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