Tarot journey has created a deeper connection between my cards and my self than I would have ever imagined. I now know so much about the major Arcana and minor arcana of each suit and feel very confident in doing readings for myself and others. I have gained so much knowledge about tarot but also so much about myself. I have truly felt growth and grounding through this course.
— Amanda H.

Marissa has a beautiful way of approaching the intuitive relationship with Tarot. Her Tarot Journey is much more than just receiving a deck and a booklet, much more than if you bought a deck online or at a store. You receive journeys through visualization, meditation, artistic creation, and poetic descriptions of all the suits and how they relate to one another. She’s a wonderful storyteller through these mediums, and its an enjoyable journey! I highly recommend her program to those that are starting to connect with the Tarot and even to those that have done Tarot before but maybe haven’t deepened that connection.
— Stephanie S.