Maeve: The Goddess of the Womb and Women's Cycles

Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

We honor Meave during our Moon Time blessing ceremony because she is the Celtic Goddess of Creation, the Womb, Sex, Protectress of Women, and the Goddess Sovereignty. She helps us reclaim the power of the womb and step into our Queendom. She has stopped wars on account of being on her Moon time!

She is the enchantress and will wake up the magick within your womb!

She is a Goddess of Mystery and many layers!

“Medb (She who intoxicates) also known as Maev, Maeve, Maebh is a Celtic/Irish Goddess of Intoxication.  Her body was the Earth; Her body processes were  the Earth as it created.  She was the force of the rushing waters, the windswept mountains, and the fertile plains.  And, like many other deities, Medb is also associated with death as well as fertility and inebriation.

In the Irish mythological cycle, it was Medb who not only set the conditions for kingship, but also chose and tested Her partners, temporarily marrying those who passed Her tests. No king could accept the title unless She offered him the “Cup of Sovereignty”. She destroys those kings who spurn Her and has been known to send their warriors to their doom. (source)

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