Welcome to the Red Tent! Moondaughter's Story.

Welcome to the Red Tent! 


The virtual sanctuary to honor your womb and sacred bleeding.


This is my heart offering to you wise wombyn. May this space connect you to the sacred stories and magick of your womanhood, womb, and unique monthly cycle.

Within this virtual space are practices sacred to women's mysteries and sacred bleeding. It is time to reclaim this magick within us. Too long have our wombs been repressed, dismissed, and shamed. 

Whatever you relationship is to your womb, i welcome you. If you do not bleed, or have entered menopause, these practices are still wonderful to deepen your relationship to your womb and sacral chakra and bring well being and wholeness back to this sacred space.

Do you remember your first bleeding or menarche, love? Do you remember how you felt? How your bleeding was received?

Sit down, grab a cup of tea and I will tell you mine.

My story of my moon-time is an odd one. I actually lied about having my first Moon-time.

I was 11 and decided right then and there, on my friend’ s toilet, I was going to have my period, whether my body responded or not. I walked out and declared this to her and proceeded to call my dad’ s girlfriend at work to let her know. She told me to get the pads under the sink and use them. When she got home she gave me a stamp that said Marissa on it and told me how to use the feminine products. When she told my dad he was trying to hide his tears.

I was initiated into womanhood and I felt special.

I pranced around the school yard with my ‘ purse’ that held my pads and my friend’ s ‘ oohed and awed’ . On the days I actually remembered “Oh, I already said I had my period,” I would take a pad and pour some cinnamon potpourri fragrance on it because it was red and in our bathroom. I would bury it deep in the garbage so no one would smell the strong cinnamon scent. True Story.

2 years later, the summer I was 13, I really did have my period. And it scared the shit out of me. I remember my sister looking at me with such confusion as to why I was so panicked. I already had had my period. Why was I freaking out?

So my true moon-time was hidden away. I buried her with my shame. Nothing felt special or sacred this time around. I did not initiate myself. And it was my fault. I jumped the gun.

To tell you the truth, I am not sure why I lied about it in the first place. I wanted so much the approval from my step-mom and step-sisters, and I would get insanely jealous when she doted on my neighbor friend more than me. Maybe I just wanted motherly attention. My friend also had a book about puberty and I would sit a read it for hours yearning for the womanly changes, so I chose to act on those yearnings. My mind was ready before my body was. Maybe without realizing it, I wanted to connect with the women before me creating magick with their wombs. I am not sure.

I tell this story because I know a lot of woman share shame and guilt surrounding this sacred monthly cycle. We repress so much and push it down into our womb – the sacred space of womanhood.  I wish I had something like this when I was a young, scared 13 year old. I want this course available to every woman who wants to connect with this ancient ceremony. I hope you share this with your daughters too. Let's learn how to honor this part of ourselves again. 

It is my deep hope that these practices nourish you and release any shame, grief, rage, or whatever you feel about your womb.

You are a wise wombyn. May you always remember.

 In love and service

Marissa Moondaughter

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