Red Tent Creation

In many cultures, women have been revered and honored during their sacred bleeding. In some native cultures, women would go to their own tent to bleed, rest, and be with other sisters on their moon-time. These are known as Red Tents.

Creating sacred space during your cycle will allow you to receive the deeper magick and wisdom within your womb space. So, create your own red tent or altar.

I had left over willow sticks from my wedding and constructed a teepee skeleton with the sticks. I tied fabric strips at the top where they bundled with ribbon. After that was constructed I covered the teepee in red toned tapestries and blankets and set my Moon-time altar within the Red tent. It is too small for me to completely fit, but putting my moon-time altar and moon-time items felt so magickal. I was drawn to this space and did not want to leave.

Everytime you are on your cycle, create a space you can retreat to. It can be a large teepee, an altar, or even making your bed extra cozy. Listen to your owmb and she will guide you.

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