Moon Time Day Two & Journal

Day 2: Sacral Chakra Meditation

Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon

Tarot Card: The Magician

Stones: Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, Red Tiger's Eye

I am one with my sacred flow. My emotions flow through me with love and compassion. I am enough right here, right now. 

Today focus on nourishing your sacral chakra... the energy center that connects to your womb, fertility, sexuality, and sacred femininty. There is an MP3 sacral chakra meditation, but first connect to your womb with this visualization. First look at the current state of your own Sacral Chakra to see what you can do to heal and grow. Trust your body and intuition with this analysis! Simply observe; your body will tell you what you need to know. During this visualization, write your observations and reflections in your journal.

Lay or sit in a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed. Take ten, slow, deep breathes. Inhale for four...exhale for five. Imagine a pure white light shimmering down your spine and settling in at the Sacral chakra, right below the belly button; in your womb. Know that you are safe and protected. Imagine your Sacral Chakra glowing orange. Is it vibrant or dull? Is it spinning or stationary? In what direction is it spinning?

Now imagine your Chakra becoming a glowing bowl filled with water. Is the water clear or murky? Over-flowing or dried up? Or does it feel pretty balanced?

Write any impressions in your journal.

Still focusing on the bowl, let your intuition guide you, and fill (or empty) the bowl with exactly what it needs to be restored and brought back to balanced. Does it need less pain? Literally put a band-aid on it, or a soothing cup of tea. Does it need more love? Give yourself a love letter, or a hug. Is it over-flowing with tears and emotions? Give yourself a tissue. This may seem silly, but it is actually quite revealing, especially when you do not judge your first impressions and images.

Write down your images and impressions in your journal.

An over-energized Sacral Chakra can have people feeling so emotional and indecisive. They can be super-sensitive to the behaviors of others and it is easy for them to become victims. They may become addicted to sex as well.

If it is under-active, people can feel cold and distant. They show no emotions and our completely blocked off from their creativity and intuition. It is hard for them to open up and be vulnerable to the people they care about the most. Sex maybe non-existent or hollow to them.

Where is your sacral chakra on this spectrum?

When you are ready  dive into the Sacral Chakra audio meditation:

How is your Moon-time treating your Sacral Chakra? Do you feel your Sacral Chakra is blocked in some way? Describe the blocks or obstacles you feel in your journal. Do you feel your Moon-time is helping your sacral chakra to flow and be more open? Is creativity abundant? Explore these avenues in your sacral chakra!

Share your relationship with your Sacral Chakra before and after the meditation!