Moon Time Day Three & Journal

Day 3: Tapping into our Feminine Creativity

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Tarot Card: High Priestess  

Stones: Aventurine, Carnelian, Clear Quartz

"I am grateful for the creation that flows within and without me. I am the artist of my life. ”

The third day of your Moon-time, you are usually getting your energy back, and can typically stop focusing on the moodiness or physical discomfort. So what better way to get your spirits up, than to create something!

On some level, it is hard to wrap our heads around the fact, that we women, have the ability to create new life with our bodies. That is a power to be venerated and celebrated! Focus on the act of creation today, as a way to honor that power. Paint, sketch, sing, cook a delicious meal, or create using whatever medium you love to use (mine, is crochet)!  Or try this DIY project below! Have fun! 

A Mojo bag is used in Hoodoo (African folk magic) as an amulet to bring the wearer good fortune and blessings. Mojo comes from the word Mojuba meaning "prayer or praise," so you are basically creating a "prayer in a bag."  

Let this be an offering to your soul and intention for this cycle. All you need is a piece of cloth and/or muslin bag, string or ribbon, the objects you wish to put in to your bag, and a sincere prayer!

For my Mojo bag I wanted to feel closer and more balanced with the elements. I used an old piece of lace fabric I love, an earthy string, a little cone for Earth, feather for Air, flint point for Fire, a shell for Water, a little moon charm for my cycle, and a sage leaf for blessing.  I blessed the items with my sage and prayed:

"Goddess and Great Spirit of all there is, may I honor and learn wisdom from Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, bringing harmony and balance into my life. May I always honor the ebb and flow of my cycles and rhythms. Bless my soul down this path. Thank you."

I put it under my pillow and slept with it there, and would carry it with me during the day. I also use it as a mini altar/sacred space while I am out in Nature meditating on the elements. Find ways for you to connect with your own Mojo bag!

Is there a medicine bag you have made specifically for your Moon Time? Comment below and share!