Moon Time Day One & Journal

Day 1: Moon Time Blessing Ritual

Moon Phase: New Moon

Tarot Card: The Fool 

Stones: Moldavite, Red Jasper, Hematite, Moonstone

“I am a clean slate; renewed from the nourishment of my body. I trust my body through this cleansing cycle.”

Today is the first day of your Moon Time, your sacred bleeding.

This blessing ceremony welcomes in your sacred flow and anchors you into your womb, body, and intentions for this particular cycle. What do you wish to learn from your womb during your sacred flow? Connect with and honor Maeve, the Goddess of Moon-time and declare your intentions with the blessing ceremony below:

What you will need:

  • 2 candles: One for you, and one for Maeve

  • Anointing oil of some kind: It could be your favorite perfume that makes you feel feminine, sensual, and divine, or oils like rose or lavender. Clary sage is wonderful for the womb too.

  • The Gemstones you are going to work with: Moonstone and Garnet and wonderful moon-time stones.

  • You need to be clear with your intent

Create a sacred space and altar for your Moon-time (go to the post Red Tent Creation). When everything is set, sit down comfortably in your space and breathe deeply into your womb for 10 breaths, focusing on your intention. Make sure the mood is right; light candles (not the two for the ritual yet). Play music and light incense if you wish. When you are ready, close your eyes and envision a beautiful white, golden light surrounding you and your sacred space. See it make a beautiful protective circle around you. Open your eyes and invite the elements into your circle:

Element of inspiration, fresh breezes, and laughter, welcome. Thank you,  Air, for your presence.

Element of passion, vitality, and the flicker of warm candlelight, welcome. Thank you, Fire, for your presence.

Element of emotions, love, and the flowing waters, welcome. Thank you, Water, for your presence.

Element of nourishment, fertility, and the strong roots, welcome. Thank you, Earth, for your presence.

Light the candle for Maeve and welcome her into the space:

“Maeve, Goddess of Women’s cycles I invite you into my space, heart, and womb. I honor your Divinity and guidance. Bless my moon-time with gentle nourishment and soulful growth. Thank you for my sacred flow!”

Now light your candle and place both hands on your womb:

“This is my time for my Sacred Flow. My body is my sacred temple. May this cycle bring healing, cleansing, and creation for my soul.”

Take your oil and rub a few drops into the palms of your hands and rub the oil lovingly on your womb and lower abdomen. Take the stones you have and hold them on your womb, or just below the navel. Feel free to lay down and place the crystals on your womb as a grid. Feel the energy flow between you and the stones. See your sacral chakra light up connecting with the crystal grid. Close your eyes and relax in this energy and breathe into it. When you are ready, declare your intention:

To honor my cycle I (insert your intentions for this moon-time cycle) And so it is.

Stay in this energy for as long as you would like. Listen for any messages or images from the stones or Maeve.

If you were laying down, slowly roll to one side and get up gently. Take your time and be gentle with yourself. To close the ceremony thank the elements, your womb, and Maeve for this moon time and ceremony. 

Ground your energy by drinking some water or tea, eating a few crackers, or visualizing the energy going down from your womb/sacral chakra, down through your root chakra and soaking into the Earth. Reflect and write on this experience in your journal, preferably when it is fresh in your mind.

Share your ceremony below!