Moon Time Day Five & Journal

Day 5: Opening Awareness

Moon Phase: Third Quarter

Tarot Card: The Moon

Stones: Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Amethyst,  Dream Quartz 

“I trust my inner-knowing. My intuition leads me down the right path always. I am wise wombyn."

In our society, listening to our Intuition is so under-rated it makes me so frustrated! This is our inner-voice to our wise-woman within, and without her being heard it detrimentally severs our connection to the essence of our femininity. Therefore, we usually grow up disconnected from this voice and trusting our intuition is very challenging.  

Just like any muscle, we have to exercise and put our intuition to work to make her voice stronger and brighter. The more we use her, the more we trust. It may take a few baby steps, and may feel weird at first, but you wise woman will thank you for letting her be heard!

What do I need right now?

Depending on how strong you feel your intuition's voice is, it is always best to start off small.  For the next week (or the longer the better by making it a habit!), start asking yourself throughout the day, "What do I need right now?"

And then sit and just listen.  This simple yet profound question can trigger so much within you! It may take you a long time to know what exactly you need right now. Do not will an answer to come forth, but most likely your first instinct will be exactly what you need. Once you know your answer, you have to follow through with your end of the bargain by doing what your intuition tells you. If she showed up, so should you.

This is how the relationship builds and trust grows. If you need to wear a string around your wrist, set reminders on your phone, or put sticky notes everywhere, do it! Each time you see this reminder, ask and listen and do. After a while you will notice how listening to your intuition will benefit your life and you will want to listen more and more. You will feel more centered and grounded in who you are.


You can use Tarot or oracle cards to strengthen your intuition as well. Either, use the seven cards associated with the Moon cycle above, or your whole deck. Draw a card every day for yourself and treat it like a daily devotional or affirmation. You can keep the card with you and reflect on it throughout the day, or take a few minutes in the morning or evening to meditate on it then.  

When you draw the card, before you jump to the guidebook for the meaning, really focus and open you mind and heart to the images on the card itself. The images uncover deeper, subconscious layers for you to work with. Look for a story, or theme, and try not to judge it-- just let it unfold as you gaze upon it. What are the major colors, or elements? And most importantly, what feelings do the images provoke in you?  If you can, write down your initial notes about each card you draw first, then look at the written meanings.

It is fun to compare, but don't be disappointed if you experienced something different than what the book is telling you; we are all different, walking down different paths, and interpret things differently. If it resonates with you then it is totally okay; your intuitive process is more important. This is a great intuitive exercise you can do with your cards even if you have had them for a while. You may learn new things about your cards in the process!

What is your relationship to your intuition? Comment and share below!