Menarche Ceremony with Persephone

Most likely our menarche, or first bleeding, was anything but celebratory, exciting, or initiating. Instead we were initiated into the patriarchal view of bleeding and moon-time... messy, painful, gross, shameful, sinful.... this list can go on and on. 

We must initiate ourselves, wise women. Our maiden's are waiting.


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Persephone is the beautiful Maiden Goddess of Spring and daughter to Demeter, Goddess of all the harvests and fertility of the land. It is said Persephone was picking wildflowers when Hades, the God of the Underworld, abducted her to make her his own. He tricked her into eating 3 pomegranate seeds and thus binding her to the Underworld forever. Demeter was so devastated and enraged that she stopped all the harvests and let the land die until Persephone was returned to her. Zeus stepped in and had them make an arrangement so Persephone could come up into this realm for half the year and return to the Underworld for the other half, and thus the seasons were created. In Fall and Winter, Persephone descends down to the Underworld where she is Queen with Hades while Demeter mourns and lets the leaves and crops die until Persephone returns in Spring.

It is much deeper than a seasonal myth... Persephone is complex and she took me deeper into herstory. The pomegranate represents the ovary, containing all the eggs, or seeds, for fertility and new life. When Persephone ate the pomegranate seeds she was experiencing her menarche. Her mother mourned for the loss of her child as she became woman and Queen. The Underworld lies deep within her womb... for when we bleed our energy is turned inward into our womb space.

It is also known in one aspect of herstory, that Hades raped and violated her and she is dealing with the trauma of that. She has suffered the pain, shame, and the patriarchal domination over her womb. She wants us to take back the feminine mysteries of our womb space and dissolve the separation from ourselves, ourselves as maidens, our wombs and our bodies.

Here are potent days of the moon cycle to perform this ceremony:

First day of your Moon-time
New Moon, and First Quarter for Maiden energy
Solar and Lunar Eclipses - threshold energy
Full Moon for embodying Divine Feminine
Equinoxes - initiations for the Maiden

Menarche Initiation Items

  • White clothes or gown to represent your Maiden.

  • A red item of clothing to put over or change into to represent menarche and stepping into your womanhood.

  • White cord at least 3ft long or increments of 3 (or whatever fits around your hips/waist)

  • Red cord at least 3ft long or increments of 3 (or whatever fits around your hips/waist)

  • Pomegranate seeds or juice.

  • Your moon blood or if not available pomegranate juice, or red wine.

  • A token for your Maiden (something you can always wear during your moon-time).

  • A mirror (if you take the optional bath it can be your bathroom mirror).

Begin in your white Maiden garments

Set up your altar with the items above. You can include red and white candles, a picture of Persephone, a picture of yourself at the age of your menarche. Anything that represents the womb to you, create your altar with your Maiden and intuition.

Cast a circle calling in Air to the East, Fire to the South, Water in the West, and Earth to the North. Call in Persephone, your spirit guides, and your maiden. Remember to hold love and compassion in your heart for your Maiden and only do what feels good to you in this ceremony.

Take the White cord/lace representing the Maiden you were before Menarche and the Red thread of Blood, life, womanhood, and fertility. Tie them together in a knot and begin to wrap them together. While you are wrapping them together say this chant (and keep repeating starting from the "Woman and Maiden" part) until you come to the end and tie the ends together as well. Keep 1 -2 inches on each end loose.

I weave these threads of
Red and White
Woman and Maiden
I am one
Blood and Womb
Your mysteries have begun

You have created your Menarche cord. Dip each end of the cord in your Moon blood or pomegranate juice. Say:

I am Maiden
I am Woman

Wrap the cord now about your waist/hips:

I hold all the mysteries of creation
In my womb!

 (Optional bath)

Draw a bath and bring your red clothes, seeds, Moon blood and or juice with you. 

Strip off your Maiden garments and set the Menarche cord around the rim of the tub or close to you. I would not recommend getting it wet. 

Before you step into the tub, anoint your womb with your Moon blood in the shape of a crescent moon, or horizontal C, with each tip of the crescent touching your ovaries. If this is too uncomfortable use the juice or wine instead. Or if you want to be bolder, anoint all your chakras, or third-eye, heart space and breasts!

Offer 3 pomegranate seeds to Persephone in your bath, along with 3 drops of moon blood or juice.

You are stepping into this bath as a Maiden!

Take as long as you want to soak in this bath... imagine you are in your womb space swirling in the mysteries. Keep the bathroom as dark as possible while you are in this space.

When you are ready, step out of the bath as a woman! Cross the threshold and put on your red garment. Place the menarche cord back on your waist.

Proceed to your altar or mirror with your gift in hand for your Maiden.

If you did not take a bath, simply put on the red garment either over the white or replace it altogether. Put your cord back on and proceed to the mirror with your gift.

Gaze upon yourself in the mirror... let your eyes soften and see with the maiden and woman and goddess all inside of you and gazing back at you.

When you are ready say:

Your name, you have crossed the threshold from
Maidenhood to Womanhood.
Your womb is flowing!
You are the Keeper of mysteries!
Maiden and Woman!

You are Goddess! 

I love you.
I cherish you. 
I see you. 
I honor you,
My Maiden.

Present your Maiden with your gift and say why you chose it. Say anything else you want to say to your Maiden right now. Take your time with her and be present.

Take some time to close the circle and journal about your experience.

Also keep in mind: the gift you choose preferably could be something you can wear while on your moon-time. For example, a ring or other piece of jewelry.

If not, simply keep the gift and menarche cord on your altar every time you are experiencing menstruation as a reminder of the beautiful mysteries and magick flowing through you!

Leave a comment below share your Menarche story as a young maiden, or after you perform this ceremony!

So much love you and your Maiden,

Marissa Moondaughter