Welcome to the Red Tent! Moondaughter's Story.

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Welcome to the Red Tent! Moondaughter's Story.

Welcome to the Red Tent! 


The virtual sanctuary to honor your womb and sacred bleeding.


This is my heart offering to you wise wombyn. May this space connect you to the sacred stories and magick of your womanhood, womb, and unique monthly cycle.

Within this virtual space are practices sacred to women's mysteries and sacred bleeding. It is time to reclaim this magick within us. Too long have our wombs been repressed, dismissed, and shamed. 

Whatever you relationship is to your womb, i welcome you. If you do not bleed, or have entered menopause, these practices are still wonderful to deepen your relationship to your womb and sacral chakra and bring well being and wholeness back to this sacred space.

Do you remember your first bleeding or menarche, love? Do you remember how you felt? How your bleeding was received?

Sit down, grab a cup of tea and I will tell you mine.

My story of my moon-time is an odd one. I actually lied about having my first Moon-time.

I was 11 and decided right then and there, on my friend’ s toilet, I was going to have my period, whether my body responded or not. I walked out and declared this to her and proceeded to call my dad’ s girlfriend at work to let her know. She told me to get the pads under the sink and use them. When she got home she gave me a stamp that said Marissa on it and told me how to use the feminine products. When she told my dad he was trying to hide his tears.

I was initiated into womanhood and I felt special.

I pranced around the school yard with my ‘ purse’ that held my pads and my friend’ s ‘ oohed and awed’ . On the days I actually remembered “Oh, I already said I had my period,” I would take a pad and pour some cinnamon potpourri fragrance on it because it was red and in our bathroom. I would bury it deep in the garbage so no one would smell the strong cinnamon scent. True Story.

2 years later, the summer I was 13, I really did have my period. And it scared the shit out of me. I remember my sister looking at me with such confusion as to why I was so panicked. I already had had my period. Why was I freaking out?

So my true moon-time was hidden away. I buried her with my shame. Nothing felt special or sacred this time around. I did not initiate myself. And it was my fault. I jumped the gun.

To tell you the truth, I am not sure why I lied about it in the first place. I wanted so much the approval from my step-mom and step-sisters, and I would get insanely jealous when she doted on my neighbor friend more than me. Maybe I just wanted motherly attention. My friend also had a book about puberty and I would sit a read it for hours yearning for the womanly changes, so I chose to act on those yearnings. My mind was ready before my body was. Maybe without realizing it, I wanted to connect with the women before me creating magick with their wombs. I am not sure.

I tell this story because I know a lot of woman share shame and guilt surrounding this sacred monthly cycle. We repress so much and push it down into our womb – the sacred space of womanhood.  I wish I had something like this when I was a young, scared 13 year old. I want this course available to every woman who wants to connect with this ancient ceremony. I hope you share this with your daughters too. Let's learn how to honor this part of ourselves again. 

It is my deep hope that these practices nourish you and release any shame, grief, rage, or whatever you feel about your womb.

You are a wise wombyn. May you always remember.


In love and service

Marissa Moondaughter

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Red Tent Creation

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Red Tent Creation

In many cultures, women have been revered and honored during their sacred bleeding. In some native cultures, women would go to their own tent to bleed, rest, and be with other sisters on their moon-time. These are known as Red Tents.

Creating sacred space during your cycle will allow you to receive the deeper magick and wisdom within your womb space. So, create your own red tent or altar.

I had left over willow sticks from my wedding and constructed a teepee skeleton with the sticks. I tied fabric strips at the top where they bundled with ribbon. After that was constructed I covered the teepee in red toned tapestries and blankets and set my Moon-time altar within the Red tent. It is too small for me to completely fit, but putting my moon-time altar and moon-time items felt so magickal. I was drawn to this space and did not want to leave.

Everytime you are on your cycle, create a space you can retreat to. It can be a large teepee, an altar, or even making your bed extra cozy. Listen to your owmb and she will guide you.

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Menarche Ceremony with Persephone


Menarche Ceremony with Persephone

Most likely our menarche, or first bleeding, was anything but celebratory, exciting, or initiating. Instead we were initiated into the patriarchal view of bleeding and moon-time... messy, painful, gross, shameful, sinful.... this list can go on and on. 

We must initiate ourselves, wise women. Our maiden's are waiting.


Evening Mood by 

Evening Mood by 


Persephone is the beautiful Maiden Goddess of Spring and daughter to Demeter, Goddess of all the harvests and fertility of the land. It is said Persephone was picking wildflowers when Hades, the God of the Underworld, abducted her to make her his own. He tricked her into eating 3 pomegranate seeds and thus binding her to the Underworld forever. Demeter was so devastated and enraged that she stopped all the harvests and let the land die until Persephone was returned to her. Zeus stepped in and had them make an arrangement so Persephone could come up into this realm for half the year and return to the Underworld for the other half, and thus the seasons were created. In Fall and Winter, Persephone descends down to the Underworld where she is Queen with Hades while Demeter mourns and lets the leaves and crops die until Persephone returns in Spring.

It is much deeper than a seasonal myth... Persephone is complex and she took me deeper into herstory. The pomegranate represents the ovary, containing all the eggs, or seeds, for fertility and new life. When Persephone ate the pomegranate seeds she was experiencing her menarche. Her mother mourned for the loss of her child as she became woman and Queen. The Underworld lies deep within her womb... for when we bleed our energy is turned inward into our womb space.

It is also known in one aspect of herstory, that Hades raped and violated her and she is dealing with the trauma of that. She has suffered the pain, shame, and the patriarchal domination over her womb. She wants us to take back the feminine mysteries of our womb space and dissolve the separation from ourselves, ourselves as maidens, our wombs and our bodies.

Here are potent days of the moon cycle to perform this ceremony:

First day of your Moon-time
New Moon, and First Quarter for Maiden energy
Solar and Lunar Eclipses - threshold energy
Full Moon for embodying Divine Feminine
Equinoxes - initiations for the Maiden

Menarche Initiation Items

  • White clothes or gown to represent your Maiden.
  • A red item of clothing to put over or change into to represent menarche and stepping into your womanhood.
  • White cord at least 3ft long or increments of 3 (or whatever fits around your hips/waist)
  •  Red cord at least 3ft long or increments of 3 (or whatever fits around your hips/waist)
  • Pomegranate seeds or juice.
  • Your moon blood or if not available pomegranate juice, or red wine.
  • A token for your Maiden (something you can always wear during your moon-time).
  • A mirror (if you take the optional bath it can be your bathroom mirror).

Begin in your white Maiden garments

Set up your altar with the items above. You can include red and white candles, a picture of Persephone, a picture of yourself at the age of your menarche. Anything that represents the womb to you, create your altar with your Maiden and intuition.

Cast a circle calling in Air to the East, Fire to the South, Water in the West, and Earth to the North. Call in Persephone, your spirit guides, and your maiden. Remember to hold love and compassion in your heart for your Maiden and only do what feels good to you in this ceremony.

Take the White cord/lace representing the Maiden you were before Menarche and the Red thread of Blood, life, womanhood, and fertility. Tie them together in a knot and begin to wrap them together. While you are wrapping them together say this chant (and keep repeating starting from the "Woman and Maiden" part) until you come to the end and tie the ends together as well. Keep 1 -2 inches on each end loose.

I weave these threads of
Red and White
Woman and Maiden
I am one
Blood and Womb
Your mysteries have begun

You have created your Menarche cord. Dip each end of the cord in your Moon blood or pomegranate juice. Say:

I am Maiden
I am Woman

Wrap the cord now about your waist/hips:

I hold all the mysteries of creation
In my womb!

 (Optional bath)

Draw a bath and bring your red clothes, seeds, Moon blood and or juice with you. 

Strip off your Maiden garments and set the Menarche cord around the rim of the tub or close to you. I would not recommend getting it wet. 

Before you step into the tub, anoint your womb with your Moon blood in the shape of a crescent moon, or horizontal C, with each tip of the crescent touching your ovaries. If this is too uncomfortable use the juice or wine instead. Or if you want to be bolder, anoint all your chakras, or third-eye, heart space and breasts!

Offer 3 pomegranate seeds to Persephone in your bath, along with 3 drops of moon blood or juice.

You are stepping into this bath as a Maiden!

Take as long as you want to soak in this bath... imagine you are in your womb space swirling in the mysteries. Keep the bathroom as dark as possible while you are in this space.

When you are ready, step out of the bath as a woman! Cross the threshold and put on your red garment. Place the menarche cord back on your waist.

Proceed to your altar or mirror with your gift in hand for your Maiden.

If you did not take a bath, simply put on the red garment either over the white or replace it altogether. Put your cord back on and proceed to the mirror with your gift.

Gaze upon yourself in the mirror... let your eyes soften and see with the maiden and woman and goddess all inside of you and gazing back at you.

When you are ready say:

Your name, you have crossed the threshold from
Maidenhood to Womanhood.
Your womb is flowing!
You are the Keeper of mysteries!
Maiden and Woman!

You are Goddess! 

I love you.
I cherish you. 
I see you. 
I honor you,
My Maiden.

Present your Maiden with your gift and say why you chose it. Say anything else you want to say to your Maiden right now. Take your time with her and be present.

Take some time to close the circle and journal about your experience.

Also keep in mind: the gift you choose preferably could be something you can wear while on your moon-time. For example, a ring or other piece of jewelry.

If not, simply keep the gift and menarche cord on your altar every time you are experiencing menstruation as a reminder of the beautiful mysteries and magick flowing through you!

Leave a comment below share your Menarche story as a young maiden, or after you perform this ceremony!

So much love you and your Maiden,

Marissa Moondaughter


Moon Time Day One & Journal


Moon Time Day One & Journal

Day 1: Moon Time Blessing Ritual

Moon Phase: New Moon

Tarot Card: The Fool 

Stones: Moldavite, Red Jasper, Hematite, Moonstone

“I am a clean slate; renewed from the nourishment of my body. I trust my body through this cleansing cycle.”

Today is the first day of your Moon Time, your sacred bleeding.

This blessing ceremony welcomes in your sacred flow and anchors you into your womb, body, and intentions for this particular cycle. What do you wish to learn from your womb during your sacred flow? Connect with and honor Maeve, the Goddess of Moon-time and declare your intentions with the blessing ceremony below:

What you will need:

  • 2 candles: One for you, and one for Maeve
  • Anointing oil of some kind: It could be your favorite perfume that makes you feel feminine, sensual, and divine, or oils like rose or lavender. Clary sage is wonderful for the womb too.
  • The Gemstones you are going to work with: Moonstone and Garnet and wonderful moon-time stones.
  • You need to be clear with your intent

Create a sacred space and altar for your Moon-time (go to the post Red Tent Creation). When everything is set, sit down comfortably in your space and breathe deeply into your womb for 10 breaths, focusing on your intention. Make sure the mood is right; light candles (not the two for the ritual yet). Play music and light incense if you wish. When you are ready, close your eyes and envision a beautiful white, golden light surrounding you and your sacred space. See it make a beautiful protective circle around you. Open your eyes and invite the elements into your circle:

Element of inspiration, fresh breezes, and laughter, welcome. Thank you,  Air, for your presence.

Element of passion, vitality, and the flicker of warm candlelight, welcome. Thank you, Fire, for your presence.

Element of emotions, love, and the flowing waters, welcome. Thank you, Water, for your presence.

Element of nourishment, fertility, and the strong roots, welcome. Thank you, Earth, for your presence.

Light the candle for Maeve and welcome her into the space:

“Maeve, Goddess of Women’s cycles I invite you into my space, heart, and womb. I honor your Divinity and guidance. Bless my moon-time with gentle nourishment and soulful growth. Thank you for my sacred flow!”

Now light your candle and place both hands on your womb:

“This is my time for my Sacred Flow. My body is my sacred temple. May this cycle bring healing, cleansing, and creation for my soul.”

Take your oil and rub a few drops into the palms of your hands and rub the oil lovingly on your womb and lower abdomen. Take the stones you have and hold them on your womb, or just below the navel. Feel free to lay down and place the crystals on your womb as a grid. Feel the energy flow between you and the stones. See your sacral chakra light up connecting with the crystal grid. Close your eyes and relax in this energy and breathe into it. When you are ready, declare your intention:

To honor my cycle I (insert your intentions for this moon-time cycle) And so it is.

Stay in this energy for as long as you would like. Listen for any messages or images from the stones or Maeve.

If you were laying down, slowly roll to one side and get up gently. Take your time and be gentle with yourself. To close the ceremony thank the elements, your womb, and Maeve for this moon time and ceremony. 

Ground your energy by drinking some water or tea, eating a few crackers, or visualizing the energy going down from your womb/sacral chakra, down through your root chakra and soaking into the Earth. Reflect and write on this experience in your journal, preferably when it is fresh in your mind.

Share your ceremony below!


Maeve: The Goddess of the Womb and Women's Cycles


Maeve: The Goddess of the Womb and Women's Cycles

Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

Goddess Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

We honor Meave during our Moon Time blessing ceremony because she is the Celtic Goddess of Creation, the Womb, Sex, Protectress of Women, and the Goddess Sovereignty. She helps us reclaim the power of the womb and step into our Queendom. She has stopped wars on account of being on her Moon time!

She is the enchantress and will wake up the magick within your womb!

She is a Goddess of Mystery and many layers!

“Medb (She who intoxicates) also known as Maev, Maeve, Maebh is a Celtic/Irish Goddess of Intoxication.  Her body was the Earth; Her body processes were  the Earth as it created.  She was the force of the rushing waters, the windswept mountains, and the fertile plains.  And, like many other deities, Medb is also associated with death as well as fertility and inebriation.

In the Irish mythological cycle, it was Medb who not only set the conditions for kingship, but also chose and tested Her partners, temporarily marrying those who passed Her tests. No king could accept the title unless She offered him the “Cup of Sovereignty”. She destroys those kings who spurn Her and has been known to send their warriors to their doom. (source)

Which other Goddesses do you like to work with? Especially on your Moon-time? Share below!


Moon Time Day Two & Journal


Moon Time Day Two & Journal

Day 2: Sacral Chakra Meditation

Moon Phase: First Quarter Moon

Tarot Card: The Magician

Stones: Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, Red Tiger's Eye

I am one with my sacred flow. My emotions flow through me with love and compassion. I am enough right here, right now. 

Today focus on nourishing your sacral chakra... the energy center that connects to your womb, fertility, sexuality, and sacred femininty. There is an MP3 sacral chakra meditation, but first connect to your womb with this visualization. First look at the current state of your own Sacral Chakra to see what you can do to heal and grow. Trust your body and intuition with this analysis! Simply observe; your body will tell you what you need to know. During this visualization, write your observations and reflections in your journal.

Lay or sit in a comfortable position where you won’t be disturbed. Take ten, slow, deep breathes. Inhale for four...exhale for five. Imagine a pure white light shimmering down your spine and settling in at the Sacral chakra, right below the belly button; in your womb. Know that you are safe and protected. Imagine your Sacral Chakra glowing orange. Is it vibrant or dull? Is it spinning or stationary? In what direction is it spinning?

Now imagine your Chakra becoming a glowing bowl filled with water. Is the water clear or murky? Over-flowing or dried up? Or does it feel pretty balanced?

Write any impressions in your journal.

Still focusing on the bowl, let your intuition guide you, and fill (or empty) the bowl with exactly what it needs to be restored and brought back to balanced. Does it need less pain? Literally put a band-aid on it, or a soothing cup of tea. Does it need more love? Give yourself a love letter, or a hug. Is it over-flowing with tears and emotions? Give yourself a tissue. This may seem silly, but it is actually quite revealing, especially when you do not judge your first impressions and images.

Write down your images and impressions in your journal.

An over-energized Sacral Chakra can have people feeling so emotional and indecisive. They can be super-sensitive to the behaviors of others and it is easy for them to become victims. They may become addicted to sex as well.

If it is under-active, people can feel cold and distant. They show no emotions and our completely blocked off from their creativity and intuition. It is hard for them to open up and be vulnerable to the people they care about the most. Sex maybe non-existent or hollow to them.

Where is your sacral chakra on this spectrum?

When you are ready  dive into the Sacral Chakra audio meditation:

How is your Moon-time treating your Sacral Chakra? Do you feel your Sacral Chakra is blocked in some way? Describe the blocks or obstacles you feel in your journal. Do you feel your Moon-time is helping your sacral chakra to flow and be more open? Is creativity abundant? Explore these avenues in your sacral chakra!

Share your relationship with your Sacral Chakra before and after the meditation!


Moon Time Day Three & Journal


Moon Time Day Three & Journal

Day 3: Tapping into our Feminine Creativity

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Tarot Card: High Priestess  

Stones: Aventurine, Carnelian, Clear Quartz

"I am grateful for the creation that flows within and without me. I am the artist of my life. ”

The third day of your Moon-time, you are usually getting your energy back, and can typically stop focusing on the moodiness or physical discomfort. So what better way to get your spirits up, than to create something!

On some level, it is hard to wrap our heads around the fact, that we women, have the ability to create new life with our bodies. That is a power to be venerated and celebrated! Focus on the act of creation today, as a way to honor that power. Paint, sketch, sing, cook a delicious meal, or create using whatever medium you love to use (mine, is crochet)!  Or try this DIY project below! Have fun! 

A Mojo bag is used in Hoodoo (African folk magic) as an amulet to bring the wearer good fortune and blessings. Mojo comes from the word Mojuba meaning "prayer or praise," so you are basically creating a "prayer in a bag."  

Let this be an offering to your soul and intention for this cycle. All you need is a piece of cloth and/or muslin bag, string or ribbon, the objects you wish to put in to your bag, and a sincere prayer!

For my Mojo bag I wanted to feel closer and more balanced with the elements. I used an old piece of lace fabric I love, an earthy string, a little cone for Earth, feather for Air, flint point for Fire, a shell for Water, a little moon charm for my cycle, and a sage leaf for blessing.  I blessed the items with my sage and prayed:

"Goddess and Great Spirit of all there is, may I honor and learn wisdom from Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, bringing harmony and balance into my life. May I always honor the ebb and flow of my cycles and rhythms. Bless my soul down this path. Thank you."

I put it under my pillow and slept with it there, and would carry it with me during the day. I also use it as a mini altar/sacred space while I am out in Nature meditating on the elements. Find ways for you to connect with your own Mojo bag!

Is there a medicine bag you have made specifically for your Moon Time? Comment below and share!


Moon Time Crystal Companions


Moon Time Crystal Companions

Here is a list of crystal companions that help soothe your moon-time. This only skims the surface and there is so much overlap. So always research and use your intuition!

 Ways to use them:

  • Sleep with them (under your pillow, next to your bed)
  • Make your own Moon-time Medicinal Bag
  • Carry them with you in your pocket
  • Place on your chakras while meditating
  • Place on your body where the discomfort is
  • Hold in receptive (non-dominant hand) while meditating
  • Make Gem Elixir and spray yourself or objects for blessing and healing: In a glass jar or container add purified water and place the stones you want in the elixir, one by one, in the water. Before placing the stone in the water, state what it is for ( ex. Rose quartz, "For self-love!"). After all the stones are in, hold the bowl in your hands and imagine love, healing, light, flowing from you to the bowl. Cover and leave on your altar, or under the moonlight, for a couple of hours, or overnight. Afterward, pour the water in the a glass spray bottle (add essential oils if you like) and viola!

Crystal Companions:

  • Activation(best during New Moon): Carnelian, Moldavite
  • Balancing: Moonstone (hormones/emotions), Red Jasper (emotional)
  • Grounding: Red Jasper, Hematite, Ocean Jasper
  • Healing: (best during Waxing Moon) Aventurine (emotional), Aquamarine, Carnelian (sacral work), Peach Moonstone (cramps/discomfort), Rose Quartz (self-love/compassion), Lepidolite (PMS, anxiety, moodiness)
  • Intuition(best during Full Moon): Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Amethyst
  • Manifestation: Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Clear Calcite
  • Overall: Moonstone, Amethyst, Clear Quartz
  • Purification: Selenite, Black Tourmanline, Bloodstone
  • Protection: Amethyst, Black Moonstone, Opal, Smoky Quartz
  • Releasing(best during Waning Moon): Citrine (Negative thoughts), Amethyst (addictions, over-indulging)
  • Rest/Relaxation: Dream Quartz (stress relief), Agate, Pink Tourmaline
  • Self-Love: Lepidolite, Ocean Jasper, Opal, Rose Quartz, Ruby
  • Shadow Work (best during Waning/Dark Moon) Labradorite

Soothe your cramps:

By placing a moonstone over each ovary and a piece of carnelian on top of your womb/sacral chakra (about 2 inches below belly button).  Activate the chakra by rubbing the carnelian in clockwise circular motion, and do the same for the moonstone afterward. Relax and let them soothe your womb for 15-20 mins. Place lepidolite on your heart for PMS symptoms

What are your favorite crystals to work with during your Moon-time? COmment below!


Moon Time Day Four & Journal


Moon Time Day Four & Journal

Day 4: Goddess Spa Day

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Tarot Card: Empress

Stones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Moonstone, Rose Quartz

"I love myself completely. I am open to receiving my love. I honor and nourish myself as the Goddess I am, every day to the best of my ability!"

Set aside at least one day during your Moon-time to pamper and treat yourself as the Goddess you are! This could mean taking yourself out on a "me-date," buying yourself flowers or a sweet gift. Booking a massage, or pedicure, or making your own bath salt like below. Do something to remind yourself of your own beauty, and do not feel guilty!

Doing this will recharge your soul so you can keep giving back. The love Goddess Venus/Aphrodite is a great ally to work with and build a relationship with. Honoring and growing a relationship with her in turn builds more self-love and respect. And we could all use a little more of that, especially on our Moon-times! 

To make your own spa day, why not treat yourself to a nice hot bath? Set a date and time you won't be disturbed, and honor that time for yourself. You are worth it!

Spa date: __________________________ Time: __________________________

To make your own bath salt, start with the recipe above. You can add Rose quartz into the mix, or replace the sea salt for Pink Himalayan Salt as well. While mixing it, imagine pink or green (for the heart chakra) light pouring from you into the bath salt while focusing on your affirmations or anything loving about yourself. Set the mood for your bath time with candles, music, incense, and luxurious robe—anything that makes you feel like a Goddess! Make this romantic for yourself.  

Venus Spa Bath:

  • 1 cup sea salt
  • 2 table spoons sweet almond oil
  • 5 drop lavender essential oil
  • 2 table spoons rose water
  • 5 drops ylang ylang essential oil
  • dried rose petals or rose buds

Surround your tub with rose quartz, moonstone, and seashells . While pouring the mixture and before stepping in, say a little thank you to Venus/Aphrodite for reminding you that you a Goddess and deserve to pamper yourself! Invoke the energy of Venus or the Empress within you and then relax and soak in the love!  

If you do not have a tub, convert this recipe into a scrub (add oil to the consistency you like).  While you are scrubbing, imagine you are absorbing the love through your pores and releasing any negative energy.  Compliment each body part as you scrub each area with love and tenderness. You will feel so rejuvenated and calm afterwards.

While you are soaking in the tub, why not brew your own tea? There are so many herbs to research and explore, this is but a handful I have found that are not too hard to come by for the everyday woman. I encourage you to drink as much water and herbal teas as you can to soothe and cleanse during your Moon-time. Please be safe while making your own teas and using non-toxic herbs! 

 Moon-time tea Recipe:

  • 1 part organic Lady's Mantle
  • 1 part dried hibiscus flower
  • 2 parts organic raspberry leaf
  • Brew for 15-20 mins and enjoy!

Lady's mantle and raspberry leaf help to regulate your cycle, control excessbleeding//cramping//PMS symptoms, while hibiscus flower helps with bloating and gives a beautiful deep red/pink color in honor of our flow. It is tart, so add honey to taste if you like.

Herbs for cramps & discomfort:

  • Chamomile
  • Raspberry leaf
  • Ginger
  • Cramp Bark
  • Lady's Mantle
  • Dong Quai
  • Lavendar
  • Rose


How do you treat yourself on your moon time? Share and comment below!


Moon Time Day Five & Journal


Moon Time Day Five & Journal

Day 5: Opening Awareness

Moon Phase: Third Quarter

Tarot Card: The Moon

Stones: Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Amethyst,  Dream Quartz 

“I trust my inner-knowing. My intuition leads me down the right path always. I am wise wombyn."

In our society, listening to our Intuition is so under-rated it makes me so frustrated! This is our inner-voice to our wise-woman within, and without her being heard it detrimentally severs our connection to the essence of our femininity. Therefore, we usually grow up disconnected from this voice and trusting our intuition is very challenging.  

Just like any muscle, we have to exercise and put our intuition to work to make her voice stronger and brighter. The more we use her, the more we trust. It may take a few baby steps, and may feel weird at first, but you wise woman will thank you for letting her be heard!

What do I need right now?

Depending on how strong you feel your intuition's voice is, it is always best to start off small.  For the next week (or the longer the better by making it a habit!), start asking yourself throughout the day, "What do I need right now?"

And then sit and just listen.  This simple yet profound question can trigger so much within you! It may take you a long time to know what exactly you need right now. Do not will an answer to come forth, but most likely your first instinct will be exactly what you need. Once you know your answer, you have to follow through with your end of the bargain by doing what your intuition tells you. If she showed up, so should you.

This is how the relationship builds and trust grows. If you need to wear a string around your wrist, set reminders on your phone, or put sticky notes everywhere, do it! Each time you see this reminder, ask and listen and do. After a while you will notice how listening to your intuition will benefit your life and you will want to listen more and more. You will feel more centered and grounded in who you are.


You can use Tarot or oracle cards to strengthen your intuition as well. Either, use the seven cards associated with the Moon cycle above, or your whole deck. Draw a card every day for yourself and treat it like a daily devotional or affirmation. You can keep the card with you and reflect on it throughout the day, or take a few minutes in the morning or evening to meditate on it then.  

When you draw the card, before you jump to the guidebook for the meaning, really focus and open you mind and heart to the images on the card itself. The images uncover deeper, subconscious layers for you to work with. Look for a story, or theme, and try not to judge it-- just let it unfold as you gaze upon it. What are the major colors, or elements? And most importantly, what feelings do the images provoke in you?  If you can, write down your initial notes about each card you draw first, then look at the written meanings.

It is fun to compare, but don't be disappointed if you experienced something different than what the book is telling you; we are all different, walking down different paths, and interpret things differently. If it resonates with you then it is totally okay; your intuitive process is more important. This is a great intuitive exercise you can do with your cards even if you have had them for a while. You may learn new things about your cards in the process!

What is your relationship to your intuition? Comment and share below!


Moon Time Day Six & Journal


Moon Time Day Six & Journal

Day 6: Releasing with the Crone

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Tarot Card: Death 

Stones: Bloodstone, Citrine, Smoky Quartz,  Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Labradorite

"I release fears and doubts of my femininity to the wind. I am whole. I am complete.”

Today is the closing/releasing ceremony. Does it seem strange that it is not on the last day? It is today because the last day needs to be a day of rest and reflection so your mind, body, and spirit have a chance to soak it all in. The Moon knows this and understands :)

Be extra gentle with your emotions today, and whatever you are feeling is right. Closing and releasing is a delicate thing. Get in touch with your Crone wisdom today. Love and be grateful. 

A closing ritual 

honoring your journey and releasing to complete your cycle.

What you will need:

2 candles: One red to represent your Moon-time, and one black for your shadow/Crone aspect

It is best to sit and breathe deeply for 10 breaths to focus your journey thus far. Make sure the mood is right; light candles (not the two for the ritual yet). Play music and light incense if you wish. When you are ready close your eyes and envision a beautiful white, golden light surrounding you and your sacred space, as it makes a beautiful protective circle for your work. Open your eyes and say aloud this beautiful invocation to honor the Elements:





 Light the red candle for your Moon-time and say this or something alike:

I am wombyn. I am creation. I am ebb and flow. I am grateful for my Moon-time reconnecting me to my feminine essence and personal rhythm with Nature.

Reflect on your cycle; what did you experience? Did you connect or resonate with your intention? How could you have connected more? Do you feel completion is here or close by?

Now light your black candle, representing your Crone/wise-woman within you, and say this or something alike:

I walk with my Crone now. I invite her on my journey. I accept my shadow with love and respect. I listen to my wisdom within.

Reflect on the lessons you have learned this Moon-time. What are you still holding onto that needs releasing?  

Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting by a fire next to your shadow/crone; know they are there to support you. You see you are holding black stones in your hand, one for each thing that must be released. One by one, feel its weight on your skin, let the feelings arise and when you are ready hand it to your Crone or throw it in the flame yourself. Do this however many times you need to. Know and trust this cycle is complete. Stay here as long as you feel called to.

When you are ready, to close the ceremony, say:

My cycle is complete. Thank you elements, spirit guides, and my shadow/Crone for witnessing me on my journey. I now close the ceremony.

Ground your energy by drinking some water, or soothing tea to make you sleepy so you can either nap or go to bed after this ritual. Reflect and write on this experience in your journal, preferably when it is fresh in your mind. Try to pay close attention to your dreams tonight. 

Share your closing ceremony below!


Moon Time Day Seven & Journal


Moon Time Day Seven & Journal

Day 7: Rest and Retreat

Moon Phase: Dark Moon

Tarot Card: Hermit

Stones: Agate, Dream Quartz, Labradorite, Pink Tourmaline

"I have come full circle. I honor my wisdom within. I allow myself to rest in this completion."

Today you are in the womb of the Dark Moon. Your cycle may be done and your energy is coming back to you, but allow this time to integrate all the wisdom and magick you experience during your bleeding. Retreat into your Red tent and journal, day dream, draw, yoga, or sleep. Do whatever feels good to you and your body. You deserve it, love :) 

I hope you loved your journey. Come back next cycle and uncover new layers of magick within you.

What have you learned from your Moon time? Comment and share below!


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