Quick Consult - 1 card spread

Quick Consult - 1 card spread

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1 card spread and 1 stone suggestion sent to your email for a quick answer for your question at hand.

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If you are seeking a quick answer or suggestion to your question or situation this reading is a good starting point.

I will send you an audio/mp3 file of your reading and the stone I suggest to work with via email. You will also receive a picture of your card and stone. Please allow 24-48 hours to perform your reading and send it to you.

:: Question tips ::

It is not advised to ask” Yes or No” questions for tarot and oracle readings, because there is usually no black or white answer. Yes and No questions can be very limiting and restrictive!

It is better to word your question in a way that the tarot can work with you constructively to find a solution to your inquiry.

For example:

Question: “Does he love me back?”

Change this to: “What is the chemistry between us?” “How does he feel about me?” “How can I create a deeper bond with him?”

You will receive richer answers with questions that have more space to dive deeper!

Remember, no matter what answer you receive from the cards, you always have the choice with each action you take to change your reading and shift your energy!