CMP has seriously changed my life! It has altered my spiritual DNA; throughout this journey I have found out things about myself, faced my shadow and worked through it and embraced myself and my journey. And because of the CMP and the support of Marissa and the AMAZING CMP community group, I have the tools and support to continue along my spiritual path and embrace my own souls purpose knowing I am lovingly supported. Thank you Marissa for sharing your gift, I am truly grateful.
— Natasha Mandel ::

Samantha from Escaping Stars

About Samantha

Daughter of the Stars and Earth.  The Keeper of all things Wild and Sacred. 

I am a Crystal Loving, Tarot Reading, Star Worshipper. I create crystal grids, mala bracelets, crystal jewelry and Tarot Spreads for others and share them on my website and etsy, Escaping Stars. I try to infuse love and helpful energies into all of my work and love sharing them with my community in order for them to progress farther into their journey, same as me. 

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I do not have enough words to describe how much this CMP course has changed my practice, my views, and my life in general. I had read Marissa's blog for months before she launched her courses and ever since I first heard about it, I was entranced. I had been researching courses for months and months, trying to connect with myself and find something that was missing. The courses I looked at were all extremely out of my budget and were basically just reading what was laid out and you have to either use it or not. Marissa's course is SO very different. Not only could you pay for each course individually so as to not pay out one big sum of money (before her self-study), but you could tailor most of what she gave you toward your own beliefs. She made it so that it was non-denominational and that if something didn't jive with you, you can modify it. The activities and content of the courses were so calm and made learning so much fun and not at all stressful as some studying can be. One of my favorite parts of these courses is that it has community. She creates these wonderfully interactive Facebook groups that you can either participate or simply observe. Everyone is on their own path and constantly inspires and motivates others in their journeys. It promotes the very thing that I had been searching for. 

A year later and I am so much more comfortable in my skin and on my journey. I have found the rituals and practices that speak to me, and even though I graduated the program, I am still able to participate in the courses. As I evolve, things change and these courses are the best way to take note of those changes. I have taken something from each aspect of the CMP course; Lunar Flow has shown me that the my emotions ebb and flow with the moon phases, Tarot Journey has me engaging and trusting my intuition more and become comfortable with reading for others, and Stone Medicine is by far my favorite. It doesn't give you things to memorize, but it shows you how to identify and the associations of the stones with the elements and which stones work best for you. Chakra Rhythms has taught me that caring about my body and that emotional and Chakral imbalances can cause physical symptoms in my body and how to best recover from them. 

If you are thinking about taking this program, take the leap and start it. You will not regret it! You will be able to feel confident and stand in your own skin without doubt. 

The CMP Program offered by Marissa is an amazing way to expand your knowledge of various topics in a friendly and safe atmosphere. I am really grateful to have been introduced to this program by a mutual friend of ours - I am also incredibly grateful to Marissa for providing the course at such an affordable price!
— Erin S.

The CMP program has completely opened my mind to new ways of thinking. When problems come up or when I need clarity on a situation, I find myself reaching for my crystals, or flipping through my handbook for a meditation. I actually feel connected to my Tarot cards and truly feel educated on the subject. All in all, this course was extremely opening and transformational for me.
— Amanda Heller