Welcome Mystics!

Hello beautiful soul! Below is everything you need for the Esoteric Mystic Program!

Take your time to gather your tarot decks you want to use and review the syllabus (do not mind the dates, make your own timeline!), and move through each class starting with Class #1.

I suggest working with each class weekly so it is not overwhelming. Create your own Cosmic Tarot Wheel (see the pic below for reference.

Please email me with any questions ( marissa.moondaughter @ gmail.com) and connect in with the community!

And remember to have fun connecting to your decks and the moon phases! I would suggest starting this journey on a Full Moon!

SO much love to you!

xoxo, Marissa

Prerequisite Courses

Check your email for more details for the two courses, but here are the links to the e-books for your review!

Esoteric Mystic Immersion Classes


Class #1


Class #5


Class #2


Class #6

No video this week, just the audio below!


Class #3


Class #7

No audio this week, just the video above!


Class #4


Class #8


Use these power-points for the corresponding classes to supplement and take notes! 


In order to receive your physical certificate you must submit an essay (nothing crazy, don't worry :) and the reflection forms for the 2 prerequisite courses - Lunar Flow and Tarot Journey. This will ensure to me, you have completed each section and dedicated your time to your mystical studies!

There are no time limits! Self study is always been the way I have ran my programs, and it is important for everyone to find balance in their busy lives. I never want my courses to feel stressful or a burden or obligation. I want you to always feel inspired to do your sacred work and when you are ready, because that's how I roll too :)

Prerequisite course REFLECTION forms

Cosmic Tarot Realms Essay

Write an essay about each of the four realms we visits in the classes. Realm of Renewal; Ancestor Realm; Realm of Truth; and Realm of Activation. What archetypes did you connect with? What was the environment of each realm? How did you feel exploring these realms?

How did your ceremonies go invoking these realms and archetypes?

Please email the essay to moondaughter.cmp@gmail.com with the subject Esoteric Mystic Essay. I can't wait to hear about your journey!


Mystic blessings!

Marissa Moondaughter