I live by the moon
I believe in magic
I believe every being has gifts they can choose to accept or not
I believe in accepting them

This is my Moonifesto

New Moon :: little moon dreamer ::

a sagittarius sun . pisces moon . aries rising

I was born on December 8, 1986 on an afternoon when the sun and moon were both visible in the sky, witnessing my soul rebirth.

If you look at my birth chart almost all the planets and asteroids were in the sky in the Northern hemisphere blessing my soul and re-emergence! Apparently I wanted to make a dramatic entrance.

As a little girl I lived in my imagination creating movies, characters, and whole new worlds to explore. My reality was not as fun to be in.

My mother left when we were very young, and my father struggled to keep us happy and nourished.

We were cared for, but I deeply craved the sacred bond of mother and daughter. I could not express it so I dove deeper into my fantasy world.

As I grew older, my sanctuary became my studies - I knew college was my door out into the world.  And yes, you would catch me in the school library reading and doing homework. 

You could still find me escaping into epic fantasies and stories in my beloved books. Little did I know that The Mists of Avalon and The Firebrand would be the kindle for my spiritual growth down the road...

This little girl taught me to use my creativity and imagination
She keeps the child-like wonder alive within me
and she has taught me the meaning of Sacred Play

Waxing Moon Maiden :: Soul Student ::

I left my home and everything familiar to me and begin my life as a college student. I was the Fool on my Tarot Journey

Quickly after, I allowed someone to take away my power, shame my uniqueness and ultimately fragmented my soul in my Deepest Dark.

I suffered from PTSD for years and years after, not even knowing what it was and how to stop the depression within me from completely taken over.

I threw myself into relationships to fill my holes. I felt so unworthy.

However, I took a chance and went to church for the first time as an adult, and balled my eyes out.

The floodgates opened. My Spirit returned to me.

I began exploring my Spirit, and found the Moon. Or the Moon found me. I finally found the Divine Goddess and Mother I had always yearned for, and began to gather the pieces of my soul one-by-one. 

I called upon Artemis for strength and courage.

I graduated college and had no idea what I was doing or going.


This maiden taught me to follow my intuition no matter what
She keeps me empowered to walk down my path
She keeps me yearning for more knowledge and deeper connections
She reminds me I am enough and I am worth it

Full Moon Mother :: Priestess Path ::

I am transitioning from Maiden to Lover/Mother. I am leaning into this blossoming and blooming. 

I am knee deep in my Saturn Return and it has been a yummy and juicy experience so far!

I live with my fiance Jimmy and our two fur-babies, Indy and Theo. I hoard crystals and create altars everywhere in our home.

This year I am marrying my beloved on a New Moon in Libra, with the Moon, North node and Juno all in the marriage house! Talk about destiny!

I am growing stronger in my truth and passions. I am staying devoted to my spirit.

I finished my yoga teacher training and I am an initiated Moon Priestess on my second spiral of the Awakening Avalon Goddess path.

I am guiding others on the path of magic. Sharing from my experiences, from the moon.

Devotion is in my heart and soul. I am yearning to merge with the Goddess and High Priestess within me and without. 

My story is still unraveling, and if you would like to be a part of my path and journey stay connected with me. I would be so honored: