Manifest Your Desires with Lunar Magick!


Learn how to use my powerful Magickal Moonifest Cycle to call in anything you desire!

Join my FREE 4 part e-course MOONIFEST and call in your desires utilizing the energy of the Moon Phases and my four Moonifest Moon Spells that will help you re-awaken and step into your Magick!


Moon Spell #1

Harness the energy of the New Moon and learn how to make a powerful recipe for calling in your desires!

Moon Spell #2

Utilize the energy of the Waxing Moon with my Moon spell that will help you pull your desires in like a moth to a flame!


I am ready to Moonifest with the Magickal Moonifest Cycle!


Magick is all around you and within you!


In this 4 part audio series I will guide you step-by-step through each of the four Moon Spells that make up the Magickal Moonifest Cycle. You will learn how to work with different types of magick and which Moon phases best magnify their energy and potency. And you can keep using these spells for every Moon Cycle!


Moon Spell #3

Learn to embody your magick and power under the light of the Full Moon with this simple and potent spell!

Moon Spell #4

Surrender under the Waning Moon as I lead you through a powerful releasing ritual to get out of your own way and trust your magick!


Remember, You are the Magician of your life!


It it time to relaim your magick and power. You can live a magickal life! You can create the life of your dreams!


I am Marissa, a magickal lunar cosmic priestess who wants to show you how you too can live a cosmic and magickal life while still be grounded on this Earth.

You can create the life you dream of and so much more.

Remember, you are magickal AF!


Are you ready to Moonifest your magick and desires?

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