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Balance your ebb and flow with crystal companions

Let's gather stones to balance your energy with each Moon phase and the shifts in your ebb and flow!

Your commitment to understanding your Lunar ebb and flow; waxing and waning; the tidal pulls of your emotions and spirit, and how they are woven into the Moon cycles is the essence of this offering.  

I provide the container for you to observe these rhythms and energy shifts.  We will observe and I will witness your experience. It is best to start on the first day of your Moon-time, or if not possible,  the New Moon. I will then help you find the stones that best nourish and sustain your energy through each of the Moon phases!

Your own little first-aid Moon Stoned pouch! 

The Offering: 

  • Moon Charting worksheets and Journals to observe your rhythms
  • Weekly/bi-weekly check-in with me via email as you journey through the phases of the Moon
  • After at least 4 weeks of observing, I will send you stone recommendations and a Moon Stoned pouch with at least 6 stones chosen specifically for your individual energy and nourishment! This process may take a little time as I gather your perfect blend with loving intention.
  • Each pouch will always contain Moonstone, the ultimate waxing/full moon stone and Labradorite, the stone of the dark/waning moon!
  • This offering takes patience and daily check-ins with yourself and the moon. You are so worth the investment! 

Moon Stoned: 

$45 + shipping

Sweet praise...

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"Before 'Moonstoned,' I had hardly given thought to how my being reacts to the moon cycles. After careful, daily charting throughout a cycle, from new to full, and from full to new, I realized how intricately entwined with the moon I truly am! Even before receiving my crystal 'first aid kit,' I could tell this was going to create a shift in how I live my daily life! I am now ever so conscious about the moon and its phase, and also about MY phase during it. And, of course, the crystals: Breathtaking! I had never seen such lovely pieces of some of the crystals Marissa sent me. With eight thoughtful picks, she sent me my stones in a cute little pouch stamped with the moon and my name. I carry it everywhere, with a few stones from the kit for different days, phases, and needs. I recommend 'Moonstoned' to anyone wanting to get in touch with their inner selves and their emotional selves. And in that, finding the correlations to the physical self. Marissa is so warm and personable, patient and open in communication. She is great to work with, and is there every step of the way! You'll feel the love from the moment you start and it will really change the way you see yourself. I've gone through another moon cycle with my stones after the observational period, and that's definitely what it has done for me!"