You are in the Moon Phase of the…


As the First Quarter Moon ignites the light within you, the Last Quarter Moon reveals the shadow. Your shadow shows what is restricting or holding your spirit back. It shows you the habits, beliefs, and relationships that are no longer serving you for your highest good. It is time for one last release before reflection and rest. You may feel your shadow acting out at this time - feeding into pity, envy, victimization and other lower vibrational feelings.

In order to release, you must honor your shadow and treat it as an ally. When you finally acknowledge the lessons from your shadow, you can release what weighs on your shoulders; forgive that person who has wronged you; you will become liberated and empowered. Connect with your shadow and perform one final ritual before you allow yourself back into your cave. Lean into the darkness and have faith you will learn the wisdom you need to at this time.

:: Focus on shadow work :: Create a releasing ritual :: Practice forgiveness :: Work with Black Moonstone to assist you with your shadow :: Start a detox :: Journal before you go to bed at night ::

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