You are in the Moon Phase of the…


You are feeling youthful and vibrant right now. Your energy is light and free. You may be more social right now, wanting to enjoy your friends and the company of your community. It is easy to indulge and feel scattered in this phase because your energy is buzzing everywhere. It is time to check with yourself and your intentions… Does your intention still feel strong? Or is it time to tweak it? Are you focusing on healthy habits or poor ones?

It is time to come back in alignment. Try to focus all your energy on positive activities and relationships that fill your soul up. Your passions and motivation maybe sky high, but if you don’t direct the energy into inspired action you will just continue to feel scattered and be impulsive. Inspired action is rooted and grounded in your intuition, NOT the ego, fear, or the “should’s.” What is the next step your intuition is telling you to do? Stay true to yourself and just do it!

:: Make an intentional To-do list :: Create affirmations that keep you in alignment :: Move your body :: Practice candle magick :: Listen to your intuition for your next move ::

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