You are in the Moon Phase of the…


You are standing at a threshold of a new chapter in your life. Once you step over there is no going back. In this season of change, it is okay to feel uncomfortable or even frightened. But don’t let fear stop you. Focus on the excitement and the freshness of what awaits you. Remain open to all the new possibilities and opportunities that are waiting for you to say, “YES.” Anything can happen!

You are embarking on a new adventure; you are in apprenticeship with your dreams, so let your heart, curiosity, and child-like wonder guide you. To support you through this rebirth hold fast to your dreams and intentions. Write them down, big and clear, and put them somewhere you will see everyday. Declare them out loud to the Universe. Let your intentions be known! And above all, remember that you are worth it and you deserve this new chapter in your life.

Write down your intentions :: Create a Moon Board :: Keep your intentions visible everyday :: State them out loud in present tense everyday :: Work with Green Aventurine for new adventures, Moonstone to help you flow with change, and Citrine to keep your spirits high.

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