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Moon Ceremony

Ritual and ceremony are physical and sacred prayers. Our ancestors knew the power of this prayer to manifest healing and unlocking their Highest potential. Mother Moon is a magical guide to unlocking our inner Sage-woman and bringing our true desires out of the ether and into our physical realities.

As one can honor the turnings of the seasons of the Mama Earth, one can also honor the turnings of energy in the Lunar cycle that happens monthly. Acknowledging these shifts in energy and how they affect your being helps you to harness the Moon energy to use for your Higher Good and healing.

There are Four different shifts:

New Moon: Beginning of the cycle, honoring and creating your intentions and what you wish to manifest or attract. Planting seeds.

First Quarter (Waxing Moon): As the energy builds, ceremony allows you to hone your focus and give you that extra boost or push you need.

Full Moon: A ceremony of celebrating, acknowledging your abundance and giving thanks.

Third Quarter (Waning Moon): The Moon is fading to our eyes, so what needs to fade from your life so you can walk on your soul path? Releasing, reflections, and rest.

Let's create a beautiful ceremony for your soul together.

I specialize in creating ceremonies in honor of Lady Luna and the shifts in our own ebb and flow. If you feel called to this beautiful soul work, fill out the form below so we can soulfully engage in your healing and soul desires.


What can you expect?

  • Full email support as we create a loving, soulful ceremony for you.
  • After we communicate, I will sit with Spirit and meditate on a ceremony that suits your needs and your Lunar Rhythms.
  • I will email you a PDF book containing your ceremony, supplies lists, and Moon lore.
  • If you purchase the option with the Moon Altar we will discuss what altar items will nourish you best and time the shipping accordingly (pricing includes US shipping; it may be additional for international).
  • PLEASE NOTE: I am not an Astrologist; you will not find in depth astrology in my Lunar workings, but I can suggest who I would recommend :)
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