Welcome to your Magick Portal in the Moondaughter Mystic School!

First, Choose Your Mystic Path...

The Moonlight Path


Password: ebbandflow28

The Fool's Path


Password: Foolsjourney78

The Crystal Path


Password: Crystalcave444

The Rainbow Path


Password: Rainbowbridge7


Choose an Immersion Program

Esoteric Healer WaterMarked (1).jpg

Esoteric Healer Program

When you feel ready, begin the Healer Program! The Pre-requisites are Stone Medicine & Chakra Rhythms!

Esoteric Mystic WaterMarked.jpg

Esoteric Mystic Program

When you feel ready, begin the Mystic Program! The Pre-requisites are Lunar Flow & Tarot Journey!

Second, Introduce yourself to the community!

Add yourself to the closed FB group and once we accept your membership, begin to share your journey!

Next, Explore the Mystic Temple!

You have exclusive access to bonus content for each of the e-courses. These teachings are optional but add new layers of magick and experience to your journey here!

Free Access!

Password: lunarlove333

Password: thesight444

Assignments: Reflection Forms

To progress through the program, after you complete each e-course fill out the reflection form to receive your seal of completion. 

Once you complete all the reflection forms, please email me to complete the final form and receive your certificate! moondaughter.cmp@gmail.com