The Maiden Archetype

In this cycle, what Maiden Goddess is calling you? Allow your Maiden to guide you on this journey. There are so many facets to the Goddess so take this cycle to explore which Maiden Goddess speaks to you. If one does not show up for you, invite a specific Goddess in! It may be a Goddess we have already worked with and you want to keep working with her, and that is wonderful!

If you find you are drawn to a Mother or Crone Goddess at this point, remember they were Maidens once too! Ask them to show you their life as Maidens!

Here are a few Maiden/Spring Goddesses for you to read about and work with in this cycle to get you started on your journey.

I highly encourage you to work with Persephone and create a Menarche ceremony for your Maiden self. There is more info on it below.

In this cycle:

New Moon: Invoke

Invite and invoke the specific Maiden Goddess and energy into your life

Waxing Moon: Explore

Ask your Maiden to guide you into any activities below or specific to your Goddess. Create Sacred Play!

Create a playlist of songs you listened to as a Maiden and dance your heart out!

Full Moon: Embody

Perform the Menarche ceremony for your Maiden Self. 

Waning Moon: Offer

Create an offering to your Maiden or Maiden Goddess you are working with. Reflect on your journey and give thanks.

Flora - Goddess of Flowers and Springtime

Flora and the Zephyrs, John William Waterhouse

Flora and the Zephyrs, John William Waterhouse

This is the Roman Goddess Flora. She is a youthful Spring Goddess who helps make the flowers bloom. Her festival, Floralia took place April 27 to May 3 to ensure she would protect the blossoms and keep the land fertile - much like Beltane celebrations held in Europe. Floral wreathes were made and worn in everyone's hair. Games and theater ensued!

Flora was married to the wind God, Zephyr who brought in the West wind of light breezes through early Summer. In this image this is the first time Zephyr has seen Flora and is instantly enraptured by her!

A Spring activity with Flora: What are your favorite flowers? Again be curious about them and research their medicine - physically and spiritually. Allow the flowers to speak to you. begin to take notice of the local flora around you and honor their presence in the land. Take up crafts with flowers to work with their medicine. Flora will guide you!

Airmid - Goddess of Herbs and Healing

John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse

Airmid is a Celtic Goddess of herbalism and healing. She is apart of the faery race, Tuatha De Dannan, and her father was the skilled physician Dian Cecht. She was close to her brother, Miach, who was even a more skilled healer than their father. After Airmid and Miach healed and restored Nuada's arm behind their father's back, he became insanely jealous and killed Miach. 

Airmid mourned for her brother everyday for a year and visited his grave. One day she found 365 different herbs growing over his grave - each herb was for a different ailment and grew over his body in the place it healed. She gathered each of the herbs on her cloak and laid them out as they were on the grave... Yet again her father became jealous and mixed up the herbs on her cloak so she wouldn't remember them. She probably did though ;)

Her story illustrates the complexity of family dynamics and the hardships we all faced as a Maiden. She lends patience and healing hands to those who call upon her. She mourns with the wounded Maiden. 


Activity with Airmid: Again like the flowers, get to know the local herbs that grow through your land. Learn their medicinal qualities. Go forage through the woods and leave an offering for Airmid and her brother Miach. Create something with dried herbs... loose incense, tincture, seasoning, or tea and ask Airmid to infuse it with her healing and restorative powers.

Persephone - Goddess of Spring and the Underworld

Evening Mood, William Bouguereau

Evening Mood, William Bouguereau

Persephone is the beautiful Maiden Goddess of Spring and daughter to Demeter, Goddess of all the harvests and fertility of the land. It is said Persephone was picking wildflowers when Hades, the God of the Underworld, abducted her to make her his own. He tricked her into eating 3pomegranate seeds and thus binding her to the Underworld forever. Demeter was so devastated and enraged that she stopped all the harvests and let the land die until Persephone was returned to her. Zeus stepped in and had them make an arrangement so Persephone could come up into this realm for half the year and return to the Underworld for the other half, and thus the seasons were created. In Fall and Winter, Persephone descends down to the Underworld where she is Queen with Hades while Demeter mourns and lets the leaves and crops die until Persephone returns in Spring.

It is much deeper than a seasonal myth... Persephone is complex and she took me deeper into herstory. The pomegranate represents the ovary, containing all the eggs, or seeds, for fertility and new life. When Persephone ate the pomegranate seeds she was experiencing her menarche. Her mother mourned for the loss of her child as she became woman and Queen. The Underworld lies deep within her womb... for when we bleed our energy is turned inward into our womb space.

It is also known that Hades raped and violated her and she is dealing with the trauma of that as well. She has suffered the pain, shame, and the patriarchal domination over her womb. She wants us to take back the feminine mysteries of our womb space and dissolve the separation from ourselves, ourselves as maidens, our womb and our bodies.

Menarche Ceremony