Moonstone Crystal Reiki


Moonstone Crystal Reiki


Work with specific crystals through the moon phases to “moonifest” your intentions and goals! Including a Crystal Reiki distant healing session!

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Crystal Consultation with Crystal Reiki 

Let's gather stones to balance your energy with each Moon phase and aid in you "moonifesting" your intentions and goals!

Your commitment to understanding your Lunar ebb and flow; waxing and waning; the tidal pulls of your emotions and spirit, and how they are woven into the Moon cycles is the essence of this offering.  

As a Crystal Healer and Crystal Reiki Master, I am a walking crystal encyclopedia! Based on your unique goals, desires, and intentions, I will choose a stone for you to work with through each of the Moon phases: New, First Quarter, Full, Last Quarter, and Dark.

I will suggest 5 stones to work with and how you can work with them throughout the moon cycle! You will receive a PDF with your unique crystal healing regimen!

Please allow 48-72 hours for me to meditate on your intentions and create your unique Moonstone consult PDF and journal. I will send your consultation PDF via email.

Crystal Reiki Healing

I will also work with you and schedule a Crystal Reiki distance healing session with your specific stones. Reiki is universal Divine healing energy and works wonderfully with crystals. I will create a grid with the stones I suggest for you and send the energy to you wherever you are in the world. As a Crystal Reiki Master I know specific crystal symbols and the traditional Reiki symbols to initiate, activate, and raise healing vibrations to surround you and your intentions!

Terms of service:

Crystal Reiki healing does not replace your medical care. It is a supplementary and complimentary healing modality. By signing up for this service, you agree that I am not a medical doctor, I cannot treat or cure disease, and my services cannot replace your medical treatment. I am not held responsible for the outcome of your care and you agree to seek the appropriate medical treatment if necessary.

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