Lunar Flow E-book

Lunar Flow E-book


A four week journey of self-discovery and spiritual transformation with the Moon as your guide

Lunar Flow is Moondaughter’s most popular e-course and the foundation of the whole Mystic School. It is a personal and intimate journey with our closest celestial companion, Lady Luna. Observing her cycle will empower you to honor your personal and internal cycles. 

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Let the Moon be Your Guide

It is my endeavor, to hold the container and sacred space to give you all the tools you need to walk down this Moonlight path and let the Moon guide, teach, heal, and empower you on your journey. 

In this 50 page e-book you will receive:

  • The original Moondaughter Moon Compass and learn to moon chart for any moon cycle!

  • A blank moon journal to write your observations on your journey

  • Learn different tools and activities for each Moon phase: New; First Quarter/Waxing; Full; Last Quarter/Waning

  • Daily Moonlists and planing sheets for each Moon phase

  • Weekly journal prompts and reflections to keep you engaged throughout the Moon cycle

  • Learn to craft an an evening ritual to embrace your Lunar qualities

  • Create a Waxing Moon Mantra

  • Create Full Moonwater and so much more!