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Lunar Living with Marissa Moondaughter

I am your Lunar Priestess here to guide you through the moon phases and help you embrace your unique lunar energy and live a magickal and intuitive life!

Lunar Living is the foundation of all that I do and teach.

So what exactly is Lunar Living?

Lunar Living is a Lifestyle- allowing your intuition, magick, and the cosmos flow through you in your daily life

Lunar living is a Cosmic Lifestyle- tuning into the signs and elements of the universe and embodying them in your life daily


Lunar Living…

:: Tunes into the Moon celebrating her in all her phases ::

:: Tunes into yourself celebrating you in all your phases! ::

:: Acknowledges and honors the magick that is always around and within you ::

:: Is ritualistic living - creating magick and intention in all your choices and actions ::

:: Is listening to your intuition with more ease and grace to take sovereign and inspired action ::

:: Is cyclical living - embracing the natural ebb and flow of the great spiral of life ::


 Lunar Living is Your personal intuitive journey of magick, love, empowerment, and embodiment. It is acknowledging that you are a microcosm of the universe and consciously taking INTENTIONAL and inspired action from this space of receptivity and SOVEREIGNTY.

We are in the Pisces New Moon portal and Pisces season... you may find your intuition and emotions flow more freely, or you drift off in dreamy visions, or you may feel so overwhelmed and feel like you are a sponge for everyone's baggage and energy. ✨Please know you are not alone. Pisces teaches us to anchor our dreams into reality all while protecting our precious energy. 
That may feel like two completely opposite things, right? Pisces is the the two fish swimming in opposite directions... so we are working with two different kinds of energy with Pisces. ✨When you protect your energy with loving boundaries, you create space and step into alignment with YOUR dreams.

Ways to clear your energy on this Pisces New Moon and Pisces season: 🌙Salt bath: Salt baths help to clear the body and aura of toxic energies, stagnant energies, and patterns that no longer serve you. I recommend at least 2-3 cups of epsom salt in your bath tub. It really makes a difference! I recommend baths 3 or 4 times a week if you can! If that is not possible a foot soak is great too, and Pisces rules the feet! I would use about 1/2 cup for just a foot soak. 🌙Selenite Sweep: Everyday when you get home from work or your errands, or when you are ready to settle down for the night, use a selenite wand and sweep it over your body in downward strokes towards the ground. Start from your crown and work your way down. Selenite clears the energetic body and clears all the chakras! 🌙Journal dump: Keep a journal by your bed and use it specifically for dumping all your thoughts before you go to sleep at night. This will help clear your mind of clutter and have clear, deeper sleep, and deeper dreams! Also keep a dream journal close by...Pisces is ruled by Neptune the God of the deep vast ocean of our subconscious. Dream time is important for balancing Pisces energy, no matter what sign we are! 
These are a few ways that can help you navigate the watery, dreamy Pisces energy!

#Repost @numoonstudios ・・・ "A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a work, like the Universe." #rumi

Begin to Tune in


Lunar Living starts with intention. In my Lunar Flow E-book I teach you how to create intention and ritual through the moon phases to begin your Lunar Living lifestyle.

Begin the four week journey of self-discovery and spiritual transformation with the Moon as your guide.

Lunar Flow is Moondaughter’s most popular e-course and the foundation of all of Moondaughter’s teachings and practices. It is a personal and intimate journey with our closest celestial companion, Lady Luna. Observing her cycle will empower you to honor your personal and internal cycles.

  • You will learn to honor your unique Lunar energy and essence

  • Learn to track your energy with the Moon phases

  • Bring more intention and magick into your day to day life

  • Honor and listen to your intuition

  • Create a self-care routine that brings you peace, joy, and magick

  • Learn how to work with the moon phases to call in your intentions

 Embrace Your Ebb & Flow

with Moon + Stone

Learn to work with the energies of the Moon and Earth and receive a custom Moon Stone Crystal Healing kit



The Moon and Earth are powerful allies. They dance together through each day, night, moon cycle, and season. Working with these potent energies together will bring more harmony and balance to your personal dance and whatever season you may be in right now.

This offering will help you track your energy for 2 moon cycles, learning about your unique ebb and flow. After these cycles I will gather the data you provide me and create a custom Crystal Moon + Stone kit you can work with through each Moon phase.

This service will begin on either the next New Moon or the beginning of your menstrual cycle… it is your choice!

Your Moon Stone kit will have 8-12 stones within it as well as practices and crystal recipes you can create with your Moon Stone kit to support you through future Moon cycles!


What you will receive

  • Weekly email support throughout the 2 months

  • Lunar Flow E-book

  • 8-12 crystals infused with Reiki intuitively chosen by me. Stones are chosen based off of your moon compasses and journals from the 2 moonths of tracking your cycles

  • A custom Moon + Stone e-book with information on your unique crystal kit, how to work with them and crystal recipes you can use throughout the moon phases and future moon cycles!


Moon + Stone

Lunar Guidance & Crystal Healing

Learn to track your energy with the Moon & receive a custom Moon Stone crystal kit to support you through each moon phase and moon cycle

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Do you feel the call to dive deeper into the Moon Mysteries?

Dive in

 Work one-on-one with me to create your unique Lunar Living Lifestyle


For 3 moon cycles I will guide you on this journey of remembrance. Remembering your Lunar essence and magick. Everyone’s path will be different, but I will help you tune into your inner moon tides and help you craft your new Lunar Living cosmic lifestyle that may include any or all of the following and so much more:

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  • Creating your Moonifesto

  • Healing your relationship with your Womb space

  • Creating Moon magick and ceremony

  • Learning Moon Sign practices

  • Tracking your Moon cycles and intentions

  • Moonifesting your goals and desires

  • Embodying your magick

  • Embracing your ebb & flow

  • Tuning into the natural seasons and cycles

  • Manifesting miracles, abundance, and prosperity

  • If you are ready to say YES, fill out the form to learn more!

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