align your energy with the Earth, Moon, & Stars


What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is the practice of working with the specific energies of the crystal kingdom to rebalance, realign, and reconnect you to your personal energy field.


Our earthly bodies are mostly made up of water, which is very changeable. You can feel dozens of different emotions and sensations daily, right?


Well, by working with the stable energies of the earth through gems and minerals, we are consciously connecting into the stable crystalline grid of Gaia… this will allow our bodies to ground and gently bring our energies back into alignment and balance in a non-invasive way. Or you can raise your vibrations to the frequency of your desires and intentions. Crystals help us manifest our healing intentions, dreams, and desires, into the physical 3D realm we live in.


Of Earth Moon & Stars

We are of the Earth… Gaia is our home and she provides all the resources we need to live and thrive. This also includes her crystals… potent, pure essences of Mother Earth healing!

We are moved by the Moon… Since we are made of water, the Moon pulls us in different ways through all her phases just as she pulls the waters of the oceans.

We are made of Stardust… our bodies our made of the same minerals and compounds that are swirling in the universe right now as you are sitting here reading this information!


Moondaughter’s Crystal Healing Sessions

As a Lunar Mystic, Priestess, and Crystal Healer I understand the importance of how all of these energies flow and work together. My Crystal Healing sessions are not only based on your intentions and desires, but are also performed during the best and most powerful times during the moon cycle and with the alignment of the stars so your healing energies can flow with as much ease and potency and harmony as possible.


My healing sessions are designed to be a magickal alchemical dance and co-creation with the Universe with your intentions and desires at the core!


Alchemy is the transmutation of lead to gold

My Crystal Alchemy sessions transmute your desires and healing intentions into physical reality


Let’s turn your fears into strengths

Let’s turn your obstacles into flowing actions

Let’s turn your heartbreak into devotion

Let’s turn your lack into abundance


Are you ready to be the Alchemist of your Magickal Life and co-create with the Universe?


Let’s create a unique crystal healing session just for you!

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