Let me help you realign your energy

A crystal grid is perfect for distance healing sessions. With the different stones connected in a sacred, geometric pattern, it creates a vortex of healing energy.  I then align these energies to you with your healing intention and a tarot card I draw specifically for your session. To top it off, I send this energy out with Reiki healing.

Flower of Life: Crystal Grid Map

Flower of Life: Crystal Grid Map

What is Crystal healing good for? 

  • Balancing your emotional/physical/spiritual energies
  • Cleansing your Aura
  • Healing through traumatic events; heartbreak, loss, stress, relationship issues*
  • Opening and balancing the Chakras 
  • Soothes and heals dis-ease in the body* 

My Process: I create your crystal grid and leave it on my healing altar for 2-4 days. 1-2 days to detox, and 1-2 days to receive bring in the healing. I focus on each client one at a time, so appointments will be scheduled accordingly. Within those 2-4 days stay open to the energy flow :) 


Crystal Healing
  • Tell me what needs healing
  • We will schedule an appointment for the distant healing session
  • I will send you a PDF of the recommended stones and where to place them
  • If you purchase the the stone pouch, please allow me time to acquire the stones for your healing (international shipping will cost more)


Name *
My HipstaPrint 988395461 (31).jpg
Chakra Reiki Grid

Chakra Reiki Grid

  • I will see which chakras are blocked, and use the grid to clear the energy
  • We will set a date for the session
  • Choose a grid for all your chakras or for a specific one
  • I will send you a PDF on which chakras you need to focus more on
  • Chakra stone kits will be available soon! 
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*disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor; I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure disease. I believe in crystal healing, however please consult your doctor for any health/medical issues/emergencies

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