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About the CMP

  • What can I do with a CMP license?

    • A CMP, or a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner is a great title to have in our Holistic, magical community, as healers, artists, tarot readers and psychics, or whatever medium you use. It tells your clients you have worked closely with energy for manifesting, realigning, healing, and balancing. I give you a lot of tools to work with on your journey - learning to flow with Lunar work so you can replenish your energy and keep helping others; the basics of crystal healing and working with gemstones to realign energy; learning to balance the auras and chakras with day to day living; and building a deeper relationship with your tarot deck so you can have stronger readings for yourselves and others. After you have taken these courses you can use your skills with your clients or yourself to keep growing spiritually. It is a great investment jammed pack with info!

  • What can I expect from each course module?


  • What if I am not on Facebook? Can I still participate in the groups?

    • Unfortunately I do not have any other type of forum set up for the communities in the CMP and Moon Rhythms. You can create a FB account just for the groups, but if that is something you are not interested in maybe the self study option would be the best choice when it is available!

  • Why is June the only time to sign up for the CMP? Are you getting rid of it?

    • June is the last time to sign up for the CMP where we go through the e-courses together as a group in the FB community. The community is active, inspiring, and when all of us work together through each course it adds more to the learning experience and spiritual journey. However, I am in the middle of redesigning and creating self study options for the CMP. So after June I need a break to focus on that. Lunar Flow begins again on August 25th, so this will be the last round of “live” CMP courses to take place indefinitely. Live meaning what I said up above - working together as a group in the community through each course. Sign up now to experience the courses with the groups like this!

  • When will the Self-Study options be available?

    • My tentative launch date will is for early Autumn 2014… I am hoping sometime in late September, or early October. But I will keep everyone updated!
  • If I am in a self-study course, how can I reach out if I have a question or am confused?

    • Even in the self-study option, you will have email support from me! You can always email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • I am (insert religious affiliation here). Does that matter when it comes to participation in your courses/groups?

    • You do not have to follow a certain religion to participate in my courses or communities. I am inspired my earth-based religions, the moon, and metaphysical/holistic healing, but I do keep my information neutral for anyone to participate. All I ask is that you keep an open heart and mind to my teachings and the others in the groups!
  • Do I need to be a woman to participate in your classes?

    • No you do not! Although most of my students and clients are women, I do not turn down anyone regardless of gender who is drawn to my courses!
  • Do I need to be “enlightened” or “psychic” to participate in your courses?

    • Everyone has magic within them. Everyone has the ability to manifest their desires, and realign the energy around them. It takes courage, an open heart, passion, and spirit to participate in these courses, and I know you have that!
  • What are the dates for the upcoming CMP courses?
    • Lunar Flow: New Moon August 24th 2014
    • Tarot journey: October 1st 2014
    • Stone Medicine: Date to be determined - Winter 2015
    • Chakra Rhythm: Date to be determined - Spring 2015
  • What would be my time investment for each course?
    • t depends on how much you want to invest in your spiritual development and yourself. I suggests rituals, meditations, reflections, and other activities each week of each course that can take an hour or up to 4 hours a week. The more time you can get in the more you will learn and get out of the CMP.


  • Do I need to be on my computer at a certain time? Is there 'Live' recordings?
    • There are no live recordings or online meet ups in the CMP program. I put weekly content up in the private classrooms and then we interact and discuss what we are going through in the Facebook group. I send emails and encourage people to participate in the community especially before I create the self study option!

About the Moon, Tarot, Crystals, and other Mystical Inquiries

  • What is Lunar Flow? How do I know if it is for me?

    • Lunar Flow is for anyone who wants to work with Lunar energies and get to know themselves on a deeper level. I truly believe the moon is a powerful ally and guide in the sky, and working with her energy can transform the way you live. It is a truly an eye-opening experience. Lunar Flow is a 4 week e-course guiding you through each phase with meditation, rituals, and reflection. You will learn to work her with energies to help you feel more balance and harmony in your day to day life. You will chart your energy through each phase and the more you do this the more patterns and insight you will find with your energy, emotions, body, and spirit. This is my foundational course for the CMP because it opens your awareness to the energy within you and around you.
  • How do I know what lunar phase I am in right now?

    • If you want to know what moon phase you are actually seeing in the sky, I highly recommend the Deluxe Moon phone app. It is amazing! But if you want to know what moon phase you are experiencing in your own body, soul, and mind, this is what Lunar Flow explores! Using your intuition, listening to your body is key. Also read my Luna 101 post!

  • How does the moon connect to my menstrual flow?

    • The Moon is a part of a woman's life so intimately. Our menstrual cycle is physically connected to the Moon's cycle of 29 1/2 days. Meaning the cycle of the Moon controls our hormones; which controls our Moon-time; which in-turn affects our moods, energy levels, emotions; which then translates to our thoughts and spirits; which create our realities-- the Moon affects us on all levels! However, as modern technology, over-population, hormonal contraceptives, poor diets, and an estranged relationship to nature have become the norm for a typical woman in Western Society, we have lost track of this sacred cycle in our lives. We don't have a consistent moon cycle nowadays, so it is easy to set this cycle aside and "deal" with it when it arrives. You just being here have felt this deep wound in your soul and are healing this damage already. The Menstrual Cycle is a microcosm of the Lunar cycle. My moon-time ebook focuses on the cleansing/detoxing phase of our Moon Cycles (bleeding), but it does not mean you cannot use this course at any other time. Even just working with the phases of the Moon alone will reconnect you to the cycle on a soul level. Your emotions, moods, energy levels, spirit still ebbs and flows with the Moon. Receive my Moon-time ebook when you sign up for Moon Rhythms!

  • What is the purpose of Moon Rhythms?

    • Moon Rhythms is a community I created for any gypsies who wanted to hang out and support each other through our spiritual journeys.It is a $15 fee because I do provide free e-books and big discounts on my courses for members. Everything is shifting right now as I set up a self study option, and I am working on other things to enhance Moon Rhythms as well! If you are curious, read more info here!

  • How does Crystal Healing work?

    • Crystals and stones have a more stable molecular structure than we do (we are made of 75% water so yea, we’re not all that stable). The energy the stones give off through color waves and from all the atoms buzzing interacts with the energy we give off and realigns our energy. Working with crystals has changed my life, and I know it would for you! Check out Stone Medicine

  • Where do you source your crystals from?

    • Before I buy my crystals, I take the time to research and contact the vendors to ask about the mining practices. I have built relationships with vendors around the US and I can assure you I work with great people with great hearts to provide quality crystals! I also cleanse and bless them before I send them off to their new keepers! Visit my Crystal Shop!

  • What are Chakras?

    • We are all made of energy. Our atoms buzz together to create this energy we know as the human body. Our body then produces energy and this is where the chakras come into play.  The word chakra is Sanskrit and means ‘wheels of light.’ From these wheels of light we are taking in and releasing significant energy from our body. There are seven main chakras that run along our spine. The spinal cord is the main channel for our nervous system to power our entire body with signals and messages from the brain. It is no surprise our main energy wheels run along this path. Each chakra governs an area of the body and the emotions, sensations, and functions that go with this area. Everyday stresses can cause imbalances in these energy centers creating fatigue, illness, and affect our everyday life. You can learn more about your own and how to realign them in Chakra Rhythm!
  • Do I need a specific deck for Tarot Journey? Where can I get one?

    • I personally use the deck Medicine Woman tarot from Carol Bridges. And a lot of my meditations are based on those cards. But you can use whatever deck you feel inspired to use and learn from. Tarot is universal and each deck gives us a different flavor. It is your Tarot Journey after all!
  • I’ve never read tarot cards or worked with crystals or chakras before. What if I am bad at it?

    • I designed all my courses with everyone in mind. You can be a complete beginner or guru! You cannot be bad at it because when your spirit connects and you follow your intuition anything can happen! And these teaching are not only sacred and full of love but FUN!

General Questions

  • Can I submit stories/work to be published on your blog?

    • Yeah! I am always happy to help others share their stories and gifts as long as you think our energies align! Check out my sponsor page to put an ad on my blog, or contact me here!
  • How can I be an affiliate?

    • Go to my affiliate page and follow the simple instructions to sign up through e-junkie! then start sharing and we can make abundance together!

  • Why do you have an Etsy shop as well?

    • I love Etsy’s platform to sell my crystals and other physical products, but also Etsy is the only way I can use discounts for sales. Paypal buttons can be limited. Etsy also has the option for using your credit cards if you do not want to use paypal. And paypal gives the option of affordable payment plans and subscriptions! so you get the best of both worlds! Visit my Etsy shop here!

FAQ will be updated periodically as more questions and concerns come up!

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