Lunar Body Grids for 1 moon cycle

Lunar Body Grids for 1 moon cycle

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Crystal Healing Grids utilize the energy of the crystals and the powers of sacred geometry to ignite healing and raise your vibrations to align with your intentions.

This grid will align you to the Moon phase of your choice and activate the energies within your body to release stagnant energy and help you flow with your intentions with ease and grace.

You also have an option for receiving your custom Lunar Body crystal kit.

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Activate the Moon phases within your body with 1 month of Lunar Body Grids

I will create your grids under the Moon phases and I will work with the lunar energies, your intentions, and help activate these energies within you through the crystals I choose and reiki energy.

During 1 moon cycle I will create grids weekly for you that will align you with all the moon phases…

  • The New Moon - if you are beginning a new project or venture. If you need more clarity or inspiration to move through you.

  • The First Quarter - To ignite your passions, create momentum, inspire action and keep you focused

  • The Full Moon - To open your heart to receiving abundance, love, and blessings and flow with ease and trust

  • The Last Quarter - Release blocks and obstacles, release what no longer serves you and create healthy boundaries

  • The Dark Moon - To help you relax and restore your energy, deep healing and integration, and protect your energy reservoir

By purchasing this offering you are receiving 1 session for free!

You will receive:

  • A picture of your grids weekly via email with details about each crystal chose specifically for you

  • Each grid will have Selenite, Moonstone, and Labradorite and other crystals specific for you

  • Each crystal grid will remain up and activated for 2 days

  • I will charge your grid outside under each moon phase: New, First Quarter, Full, Last Quarter, and Dark Moon

  • I will send you Crystal Reiki through your crystal grids continuously for those 2 days while they are activated

  • If you opted for the crystal kit, I will send you the crystals from your grids after the moon cycle has ended.

I am a Certified Crystal Healer and Crystal Reiki Master and I am here to help you manifest, heal, and raise your vibrations using the wisdom and magick of the crystal realm.

Terms of service: By purchasing this session you agree that I am not a medical doctor and I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. You will seek appropriate medical care when you feel it is needed.

Please contact me with any questions: