Crystal Alchemy Healing Grid

Crystal Alchemy Healing Grid


Crystal Healing Grids utilize the energy of the crystals and the powers of sacred geometry to ignite healing and raise your vibrations to align with your intentions.

This is a unique offering creating your crystal grid to call in your specific intention that is aligned with the Moon phases and elements (Air, Fire, Water & Earth) for potent manifestation and results.

This grid will help you embody your inner Magician to align with the elements and moon phases to manifest any of your desires!

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This is a very special, unique, and powerful Crystal Healing Grid I have received and have been guided to offer

This Crystal Healing Grid combines the magick, alchemy, ritual, and harmony of the Earth, Moon and Stars. You will become the Magician of your life and co-create the reality you dream of with the Universe. This Crystal Grid will be the stepping stone and spark you need to begin.

Your Crystal Gird will be the magickal alchemy created by your intentions, the crystals, and the Universe to call in your desires. I will consciously align your grid with the Moon phases, and activate the 4 elements within your grid to create the most potent, magnetic, crystal healing vortex to help you draw in your intentions like a magickal crystal lighthouse.

You are the Magician of your life, so you will be an active participant in this healing session. Your energy and actions are so important for this process to really work. I will guide you every step of the way.

You will receive:

  • A picture of your grid with details about each crystal chose specifically for you

  • Your crystal grid will remain up and activated for 1 moon cycle (4 weeks)

  • I will charge your grid outside under the New, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter Moon’s

  • I will send you Crystal Reiki through your crystal grid continuously for the 4 weeks while it is activated

  • I will send you weekly email check-in’s with guidance, practices, and any messages I receive for you

  • This is a very hands-on crystal grid session - you will be an active participant throughout your grid’s activation! Please keep this in mind!

I am a Certified Crystal Healer and Crystal Reiki Master and I am here to help you manifest, heal, and raise your vibrations using the wisdom and magick of the crystal realm.

Due to the potent magick of this offering, I can only offer 1 session per moon cycle. So sign up as soon as you can if you feel called! I am so honored to serve you on your journey!

Please contact me with any questions: