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I am offering live 1 hour readings now! Before you schedule your reading, please read about each session below! Choose your session intuitively


Session #1

Reiki Chakra Cleanse & Reading - $77.00


In this 1 hour session I will draw 7 cards and give you a reading of the current energy of your Chakras and how to balance and align your energy field with your intentions. I will suggest 1 stone to work with for each chakra and then guide you through a chakra cleansing meditation where you will meet your chakra guardians, while I infuse your chakras and energy field with Crystal Reiki energy.

The results: Balance. Connection. Awareness. Physically, you will feel lighter, balanced and aligned, and you will feel more connected with your unique energy field. You will meet your chakra guardians who are your allies and can help you activate your full potential in each energy center. You will feel more activated and empowered to move forward with your intentions, have more clarity and insight towards your goals, and you will be equipped with tools to help you move forward on your journey!

Please let me know if you live in the Orange County Area in Southern California! I can come to you for an in-person crystal healing session!


Session #2

Pick a Card Reading: Your Detailed reading for the Month ahead through the Moon Phases


This is a very detailed reading for your next moon cycle ahead. We will start with the next current Moon Phase (either the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, or Last Quarter). There will be 4 stacks of cards to choose from with 7-12 cards in each stack. You will chose 1 stack for each week and I will read the cards for you answering your specific questions and how to work with the energies ahead.

During this 1 hour session, I will interpret up to 48 cards for you about your Moon cycle ahead. I will also suggest practices and stones to help you though each Moon phase. You can ask any questions you want before and during the reading!

The Results: Clarity. Empowerment. Alignment. With this reading you will gain a very detailed story of where your energy is being directed and how the current energy is unfolding around you. You will gain the tools and insights on how to shift this energy to better align with your intentions and goals if you feel like things need to change.

To enhance your reading and experience ask me about sending Crystal Reiki energy to you through the Moon phases during your reading!


*I use Google Duo, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger for our live video calls. Please let me know which you prefer for your call!

Thank you so much for your love and support! I am honored to serve you!