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Moments: Finding Rhythm

I can't complain about 2015 thus far. It has felt pretty surreal, productive, and slow and steady all at once. The other weekend we got a rug and an ottoman for our TV area, and it finally feels like we are finding a rhythm in our home. And of course the boys love the new rug and ottoman too. That is always a plus. I soon want to show you glimpses into our space. We live in a studio so it has been challenging to make it meet all our needs, and think it does for the most part now. 

And yes I live in Southern California, so it is just starting to look like fall! The good thing about living here is that we can have a garden basically all year round. We have a small little side yard and we are excited to plan a little garden more than we did last summer. I want lots more succulents, and herbs, and I want to finish my little meditation space. The last picture is my donkey tail. It was sitting too close to the birdfeeders and the birds were picking and eating it! So I moved it and it has been recovering very well! I will be transplanting it to another pot very soon.

I never really knew how comforting having a home of your own could really be. It has become my sanctuary and my place to ground myself. And though I know Jimmy and I can drive each other crazy sometimes in such small quarters, our place is full of love. And that's what counts.   

Lunar & Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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Sacred Mornings

My mornings are anything but sacred. They are hazy. Unintentional. Unconscious. Roll-out-of-bed -and-get-to-work kind of mornings. My word of the year, Devotion, is going to be so hard for me. Especially in the mornings.

I am a night owl through and through, and the Moon is like my sun. Which is fine, but I also need balance. I need to remember the Sun too. I want my mornings to be sacred, I want to be centered before I go to work. I want to be AWAKE! before coffee!

But I know I need to ease into it. This will not be easy for me. And I need to find my morning rhythm and honor it. I wanted to throw this out there into the world to keep me accountable.

And then I did this today. We do not have the best mattress (a goal of mine is to get a better one this year), and lately I've been waking up to a very tight lower back. While I was still half asleep I rolled my legs up against the wall, and breathed and slept. Jimmy still sleeping, nestled his arm around me and it was lovely to slowly wake up like this, as my alarm was blaring. 

I brought my legs into a figure four against the wall and let gravity release my hips. And then I brought my feet together into butterfly again, up on the wall. And somehow I found myself sitting up with my hands at heart center and I was awake. I just did an asana half asleep in bed before I woke up to start my day! What the what! I was so excited I took these photos after the fact.

I started where I was literally. Asleep in bed. My spirit led me and my cells remembered. I need to trust myself like this everyday! I am inspired to have more mornings like these. I will keep you updated with my morning routine as it evolves and unfolds.

please tell me, loves,

What is your morning routine?

How do you start your day with intention and spirit? 

Mornings Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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28 Equals Rebirth

Today is my Solar Return, My Goddess Day, my special day.... my birthday. I feel love all around me, swirling around and embracing me. 

28 years on this Earthwalk has taught me I will never stop learning. Never stop growing and stretching and moving.

I have been in such a liminal space lately. Something is about to shake out of me, but I don't know what. Maybe this is what it feels like approaching your Saturn Return. All I know is barriers are crumbling around me and I am standing here bracing myself for the fall. But I don't think I will fall. I will dive deeper into myself and embrace this scary and messy journey.

I realized that 28 is the number one in numerology (2+8=10, 1+0=1). 28 equals rebirth. I feel this in my heart and core and every cell in my body. I want deeper, I want savor, I want devotion, I want freshness and newness. I want rebirth. I want major healing on all levels.

There is so much liberation in the number 28. I am so fucking excited for the year ahead! 

This past week, MAJOR throat chakra blockages came to the surface. I did not expect such a shift was in me. I finally admitted some sacred truths of mine that I have been so ashamed of and waves of tears washed over me and cleansed my spirit. I am still shifting and my throat is still aching, but my inner child came out into the light. I am finally loving on her again.

I am letting her take the wheel and do what feels good. And that meant putting a Christmas village together, and bringing in some Christmas joy this week. We decorated our Christmas tree and my heart feels lighter. 

And then yesterday in yoga training we began mantra work and for the next 40 days all of us are chanting "Om gum ganapatayei namaha," 108 times. A mantra for a new year. For a rebirth. "I offer my love and devotion to Ganesha (Indian God, Remover of obstacles), please grant me success in my noble endeavor." By the time 40 days is up, will be done with teacher training and starting a new chapter.

And on Yule, December 21st, I will be meeting up with my Spiritual High Priestess and mentor. We will perform a ritual for Yule and rebirth.

Everything in this life is connected, sacred, and meaningful. I am finding these moments everywhere. 

28 is going to be an amazing, exhausting, joyful, spiritual, full of love and growth kind of year. I am ready.

xo, Marissa.

For my birthday, I am offering a discount in my Etsy shop: HAPPY28 for 28% off today only!


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Shades of Autumn

I am reawakening. My senses seem to inspired and buzzing again. Lately I have been feeling stagnant. Maybe that is too harsh of a word... more like reserved. Quiet. Re-calibrating. Filling up my well.

The holiday season truly fills me up. I love the decor, symbolism, the colors, the Christmas music on the radio, the food, cold weather... I love everything about the holidays. So my heart is filling to the brim with excitement and enchantment. It feels good to feel like this again. I know it's not yet Thanksgiving, but as soon as we get home from visiting my family we are getting a tree!

Moondaughter Wish Bottles coming soon......

Moondaughter Wish Bottles coming soon......

I am making more items for my Etsy shop too! I am so inspired right now to make little gifts for Yule and Christmas. Everything will be stocked for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. I will be offering a discount code soon, so keep a look out or sign up for my newsletter!

BY THE WAY: Do you like my new logo!? My friend and design goddess, Raina Shannon created my beautiful Moon Goddess logo! I adore her! I was so inspired and changed my whole website! everything feels so much cleaner now. My tabs are organized again and less cluttered. Please feel free to explore! I am not finished, and I will be redoing pages, but let me know what you think!

If you have any design needs for your own business, especially for holiday packaging, feel free to email Raina for rates and what she has to offer! She is amazingly talented! Email her at:

Lunar and Crystal BLESSINGS,


moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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