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Moon Days: Yoga Moon Playlist

Hello Loves,

Happy New Moon!! What are your intentions for this new cycle?

My intention is to launch my Moon-time course on the Full Moon, Oct. 29th! So I may be absent on the blog a little more these next two weeks while I continue to create this course for you <3

A couple Moon Days ago, Sondra over at Abhaya introduced us to the Moon Salutations asana. I love this asana and find it so soothing. So I created a little playlist for it.

Hope you all enjoy it.

Marissa Moondaughter



Moon Days: Guest Post, Moon Salutations

Happy Moon Day!! 
I L.O.V.E this guest post about yoga and the moon today. Enjoy loves!


Hello, Moondaughter readers! I am so excited to be contributing to Marissa's Moon Days series. Hers was one of the first blogs I started following that had a more soulful nature to it, and it has been so inspirational to me. I blog over at abhaya, and one of my biggest passions is my yoga practice. Today I thought I'd share a bit about moon salutations.

If you have ever been to a yoga class, chances are you did a sun salutation or two or have heard the term before. Sun salutations are very common in most Hatha-based practices, but its counterpart, the moon salutation, is very rarely practiced. In fact, in all of my years of taking classes, I have only ever been in one class where we did this. "Hatha" means sun ("ha") and moon ("tha"), and the concept of practicing this style of yoga is that you are finding balance between these two powerful forces. The sun energies are more dynamic, fiery, masculine, and external, while moon energies are more passive, cooling, feminine, and inward focused. The moon salutation honors the yin side of our beings, and is a powerful way of connecting with the Divine Feminine.

This is a lovely sequence to practice anytime you feel a need to turn inward a bit; to re-connect with yourself and find focus. It is also a great sequence to practice before bed to help prepare for a night of restful sleep.

You can repeat it as many times as feels right for you. I hope you try this sequence if you've never done it before! And pop on over to my blog where I share more about yoga, my photography, my life, and living naturally and with intention.



If you have an questions about the poses and whatnot, feel free to leave a comment below for Sondra! And visit her beautiful, earthy blog :)



Namaste: Downward Kitty

Hello lovely readers, I have been trying to get back into a yoga routine for quite sometime, but alas, I am so lax about it. I should honor my body better!

The other day, I tried to do some yoga from one of my fave yoga DVD's by the Yoga Goddess Shiva Rea. Yoga Shakti is such a great, all encompassing yoga workout to have. I feel Shiva does a wonderful job at blending the body and spirit aspects together. Plus she is just gorgeous to watch!

I also read a little excerpt from A Year of Living Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater. There is a little devotional for each day, it's a great way to start your yoga session or day. Such a beautiful daily read. It gives you a quote, and a little exercise to do on the mat and in your daily life. July 13th's quote is:

"My words reflect my thoughts; my thoughts reflect my beliefs;and my beliefs run my life."

As I was yoga-ing, this little boy had to investigate and I was done for (especially trying to attack my hair in Downward Dog!). He is just too cute, so I had to take these pictures.

I am not giving up hope for a yoga routine! Life is a journey, so it will happen :) One of my dear dear friends will be posting up a yoga routine on here soon! So stay tuned, lovelies!

Have a great, relaxing, sweet summer weekend!

Marissa Moondaughter


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