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Trinkets from AZ

Hello loves, I just wanted to share some goodies I bought from AZ, I kind of splurged (bad habit of mine), but I thought it was well worth it!

1. I added to my budding dream catcher collection. The two on the ends are the new additions. The smallest one was made by a Native American of the Navajo tribe and has a certificate of authenticity.

2. Jimmy and I decided to start a tradition by buying something handmade a local on each of our travels. We chose two coasters.

3. I bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Sedona. I absolutely love the glow. Theo (my kitten) also doesn't sneeze anymore! Yes, the poor little guy has allergies. But Himalayan Salt lets out negative ions into air, cleansing and purifying it!

4. I bought the cute place mat because the colors go with my blog! And some AZ grown sage...mmm cannot wait to use it!

5. I bought some new stones to work with! I will share more about them soon!

6. And I bought some pretty pendants to make some items with! Not sure what I will come up with, so this will be fun!

Arizona inspired me to be more artistic again...somehow it got lost in my daily life, but I am re-awakening.

Have a lovely Wednesday, my beautiful readers! Thank you for putting up with all of my pictures of Arizona! Can you not tell I am obsessed?

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



Inspirations: Textiles

So I am needing inspiration for a new project coming to the forefront, dear readers. You see, my boyfriend, kitty, and I live in a rented room in a big house at the moment. It is spacious enough, cheap, and we can have our kitty, so I can't complain, BUT... there are no windows (no natural light pains me, and sucky for taking pictures : / ), and there is some very unappealing pastel-colored wallpaper above the fireplace. It reminds me of a dentist office. Yum.

Jimmy (the said boyfriend) planted the idea of using starch and fabric to cover it, and I think it is a great alternative - especially if you are renting like we are! We are fabric shopping at the moment (more so looking), hopefully sometime this summer (fingers-crossed!) I will be able to post up the finished results! 

For now, here are some fabric inspirations I have found on Pinterest. Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

As you can see, I am in love with bright colors, and I am really diggin' the vibe of Southwestern/tribal, boho print. Jimmy is warming up to it too; I am so grateful he is such a good sport! I do feel like my tastes are ever-evolving, like the Moon, but at least the fabric is easy to take off and reusable! Win-win to me!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

P.s. Thank you SO M.U.C.H for all the love and support on my bloggy blog, and Facebook! I will be making you another goody very soon, as a gift of gratitude! So stay tuned ;) I have other gifts on my Offerings page too! Don't be modest, go grab them :)


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