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International Self-Love Day: Love Space of Laura Mazurek

>> In honor of International Self- Love Day <<

Hello Moondaughter readers!  I'm Laura from Roots and Feathers.  I'm excited to be here on Marissa's blog today sharing a little love nest I made in my home for the whole month of February in honor of Love.  I don't normally celebrate Valentine's Day really at all.  My husband and I don't exchange gifts or plan romantic dates.  It's always kind of seemed a bit silly to me.  But, I do love to honor Love itself.  And when Marissa asked me to share an altar of mine during February, I thought it would be wonderful to have a little space set up in our home for the whole month, in honor of this word.

The things I chose to place here in this space go beyond just the love between my husband and I, but also for self love.  As I was building it I realized just how healing it was.  I had just received these two prints from Erica Herbert, of the two beautiful naked woman.  The colors and playfulness of them bring me so much joy.  My own sexuality is something I need healing in, and these prints remind me of that.  I added specific stones for this as well.  Stepping into the age of such deep femininity, my journey here has began to get very real.  Setting these intentions I feel is opening up my being to the healing vibrations.

I also chose very calming elements, like my amethyst cluster, my donovan record, a lavendar peacock feather, and some lavender herbs. And the incense and sage.  These things bring me peace and a great sense of relaxation, which I think is a state needed for this healing process.  I included two rose petals in the lavender mix, representing my parents (who are both gone).  My journey of love and healing has so much to do with them and their loss.  I also added a medicine pouch my dear friend Lauren Luquin made me filled with healing intentions just for this.  It is such a sacred piece to me.  The beeswax candle is one made for feminine sexuality.

The little prayer flag is one I made for my shop, a little series of textile flags with words of intention.  I decided to keep it in this space until its ready for a new home.

Having this little space full of these things, in a place in my home I regularly walk by, has been a nice daily reminder.  I think Id love to create a new one each month, with a new intention.  My word for the year is Cultivate.  So maybe something Id like to Cultivate each month.

I hope everyone enjoys this International Self Love Day.  Id love to know if you plan on carving out a moment for yourself, and what you intend to do.  How do you celebrate your own sacred femininity through self love?  I think we can always learn from each other and help each other in these ways.  Thank you so much for sharing a moment in my space.


Thank you so much Laura for sharing your beauty and sincerity. You are an inspiration <3

We teamed up together in honor of self-love today, so hop over to her blog and enter my love giveaway there <3


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Goddess Workshops: Aphrodite, the Love Goddess

This year I am working with more Goddess energy again. 
It also has to do with my word of the year, Nest.

But honestly, I just miss Goddess, my Divine Mother.
For me, working with Goddess energy is so empowering, uplifting, and brings me back to my center. I feel I can touch the wisdom of my ancestors, the ancients, and the goddesses who inhabited the old world; I am a part of that line keeping the old ways strong. It is so powerful and humbling to me.

So I am starting with self-love with Goddess Aphrodite. I want to build a Nest of self-love in my being again. And I want to share this journey with you all. This is the first of the many Goddess workshops I am creating this year. The workshops dances around the Lunar phases (she is after all the symbol of Goddess), and helps you to create your own dance with the Love Goddess.

Venus/Aphrodite (note: I use the Roman and Greek names interchangeably) gets a bad rep sometimes. I actually used to really dislike her. I was turned off by the idea of all the lovers she's had and I thought it was so "cliche" to work with her. 

Why did I get so defensive when it came to Aphrodite? 

The truth is, she reflected all of the self-love, sensuality, self-worth I was missing in my life.

It took a long time to admit that to myself. But as soon as I did, I began to build a relationship with her and the love for myself grew. I looooooooove the smell of roses now (I used to HATE it!), and  I feel more comfortable in my skin.

It is time to come back to her.

The 4-week workshop will include:

~3-4 emails in your inbox per week focusing on each of the Lunar phases and how to work with the Goddess through each phase
~Goddess lore of Venus/Aphrodite
~Lunar wisdom
~meeting your Inner Love Goddess
~rituals to manifest love
~journaling prompts
~love recipes
~a complete ebook at the end to use whenever you want
~Private FB group for a loving community of support

I personally am focusing on self-love, but any love you wish to create is in the realm of Venus.We start in the New Moon phase of building our Love intentions, gathering our items. We build upon our actions in the Waxing phase. Manifest and Celebrate under the Full Moon. Resting in Love as Luna wanes. Each email and week build on one another as we work through each phase together.

This is going to be a beautiful experience. I hope you will join me.

It starts on the New Moon of March 11th.

The first 30 souls to register will also receive a free gift of love and magick, from me.

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

email me at marissa(dot)moondaughter @ with any questions you may have!

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Moon-Time Course Launch Date and Sale!

I want to say thank for supporting my VLOG today! It is very vulnerable to put yourself on camera for everyone to see, so good thing I am not too shy, haha!

I wanted to let you all know I have the e-course up for sale on Etsy now. The launch date will be on Monday, October 29th! So before then, I thought I would offer an opening sale!

Until the launch on the 29th it will be listed for $21 instead of my original price of $30. That is 30% off! I love to work with the number 3 with Moon related things; it represents the Maiden/Mother/Crone, Waxing/Full/Waning, so I thought it was very fitting, sacred,  and reasonable for the price. After the 29th it will be listed for $30.

Let's celebrate being women! I can't wait to share this journey with you all!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



Summer of Self-Love

I am so excited and honored to say, you can find me over here today!
*yay for rhyming too*

Go learn how to see yourself as a Goddess!

Thank you so much Amy!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


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