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Ten Day Fast

Drinking smoothies, juices, broths, teas, and waters for 10 days is going to be fun. So far, I am really positive and my body is feeling good, so we shall see what it feels like tomorrow. :-p

I've been trying to answer why I felt called to do this fast and there is not one definite answer. I want to try something I've never really attempted to try before because its fun and sparks my inner-warrioress. The word Clarity came to mind, so I am wondering how this word will weave through this fast. I have also been pretty unhealthy as of late and not taking care of my body as I should, so I hope this fast will be a reset button.

But most of all I want to prove to myself I can follow through with this. Show up for myself and the others in the group. I tend to start something but then move one fairly quickly, or lose the passion.

It feels like since the day I left home, it has been one transition after the other. I adjusted to a new place, changed majors multiple times, moved in with my love, and now I am ready to end this cycle. These next two weeks will also be concluding my graduate studies. I am leaving early. I am letting this go. I love museums and will keep visiting them, but I realize this path is no longer for me. I am ready to close the door of my college/school days and let this chapter rest. When I was growing up, my goal was to get out of my hometown and go to school. And that is what I did. I have two Bachelor degrees in Theater and Anthropology and I am proud to have earned them. However, I started letting the 'shoulds' and fears of being different hold me back from my true passions, and with student loans looming ahead,  I started to use college as a crutch. I am ready to brave this new journey and fly out of the nest. I'm ready to create my own NEST.

This Fast is exactly what I need right now, and it also ends the last day of my classes. Coincidence? I think not. New Beginnings, anyone?

I also just became a Certified Holistic Life Coach, and my heart is bursting with possibilities. I am so excited for Moondaughter and where she is flowing.

So for now, I sip my tulsi/raspberry leaf tea and observe this flow of energy. 

I may be more grumpy tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



Hi Blogger, It's Been A While

This week wiped me out. So many traumatic things happened and I had to take a step back. My kitty is doing so much better (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU) but I also witnessed (while walking out of the vet) a dog getting hit by a car and my boyfriend saving the other. It was so painful, I sat in the parking lot and bawled my eyes out. Not to mention other little obstacles that just built up. This wasn't my week. AT ALL. It's Sunday now, and I am only starting to feel better and am re-emerging.

I am also processing a lot of changes with this blog and space of mine. As you know the relaunch is June 8th. I will be putting a lot of energy into some big projects I have in store for you all (hint: MOON RHYTHMS, yup ;) and I am trying to access my energy and distribute it out efficiently. I am not sure if I will be keeping a lot of features as I originally had in mind with the blog. I am thinking Moon Days has ran its course, and possibly Full Moon (there is an awesome Full Moon post coming up this week though!). But I want to know what you all think too. What do you want more from me? Less of? Please let me know! This blog might just become my personal diary of my own ebbing and flowing. And that is okay too.

Made an effort today! 

I want to thank you for allowing me to step back to cry and rest and reflect. I love you all.

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



Moon Days: Moon Path


My Moon Path has been a long dance of ebb and flow. I have gently, and not so gently, weaved her cycles in my life for years and years, yet never fully appreciated the awe and power she beholds. Simply staring at her stirs deep ancient songs within me. I am, as all women are, connected to her silvery glow through time and space. This space is vast with infinite possibility, connecting us to her ancient rhythms in this crazy modern world. She is simply my home.

I have in the past neglected this rhythm of life, ran away from home, and yet I have always gravitated towards her luminous light once again. We all wax and wane just as she does.

What does your walk with the Moon look like? What does the path look like for you right now? The Moon is a reflection of our inner worlds, where we hold our most secret desires, our vibrant fantasies, our shadowy waters, our deep pools of wisdom. So when I say moon path it is so much deeper than just our silvery mother in the sky. She is within us.

I feel I am on the verge of deep spiritual medicine on my Moon walk ahead. Deep connection. Deep detoxification. Deep healing. I am ready. My path is waxing into fullness.

Take a moment and honor your Moon Path today, wherever it may be. It is uniquely yours.

Love and Blessings, 
Marissa Moondaughter



Moon Days: Ebb and Flow of 2012

Hey loves.

It's been awhile. Too long, as I am writing this in a Denver motel room. We are still trekking back to California and I am ready to get home. Go back to my warm and fuzzy kitty, to our bed, to all the readings I am honored to do for some gorgeous souls, to settle back in, get organized, and work on all the bazillion projects that are swimming in my head. So we are most likely driving all 15 hours tomorrow, wish us luck!

Anyway, today is Moon Day and the last Moon Day of 2012. So this is my way of Lunar releasing to welcome in 2013. You can definitely reflect and answer these questions for yourself too. <3

I am emerging

New Moon of 2012
What did I birth in 2012? Did I try something new?

I birthed Moondaughter :) and it has been such an absolute blessing in my life. I have met and connected with so many other soulful women working towards their own soul paths and creative projects. It is so inspiring. I am so excited where Moondaughter will grow and expand this coming year. It is so exciting!

Something new I've tried? I am slowly learning to hoop dance and hope to put more time and effort into it. It made me realize how disconnected I can be to my body a lot of the time. And it's fun!

Waxing Moon of 2012
What is something I learned?

I have learned a lot about my relationship with Jimmy. I have learned I am a super worrier, while he is way laid back; let go of the small things, it makes it way easier; building communication is key; and joking around keeps you sane.

What is something I am working towards?

In 2012 I have been working towards my MA degree in Museum Studies, and striving for balance. And both are a struggle for me. I am still learning how to juggle life, but that's probably normal.

Full Moon of 2012
What is something I celebrated this year? Fullest moment?

I remember feeling absolute bliss when I was at the cabin in Big Bear for my birthday, with friends all around, and me drinking champagne while trying to hoop to old school rap. Fullest moment for sure for me. I am 26 and ready to take on the world.

Waning Moon of 2012
Something I've let go of. Any lessons I've learned?

I am letting go of judgement in myself. Judgement in my work, my body, my style, my home, my interactions, my reactions, my thoughts. I feel a huge detox coming on in 2013 and ready to purge the negativity.

Deep lessons in trust. Trusting my intuition when I need to let go of situations or interactions with people. Not letting past situations dictate my trust towards my loved ones, especially Jimmy. Trusting the earth and universe to support my path and the choices I make. Trusting I am where I need to be right now. And that is okay.

I will definitely journal more about these when I get back home, but for now, this is my release of 2012. Deep love, passions, and lessons happened this year. I am grateful.

Happy 2013 to you and yours!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


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