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G-Ray and Other Thoughts

This is the last show I helped with at CSUF. And the artwork is so so stunning. The artist is named G-Ray and his mediums are so varied, this is not even 1/4 of the pieces that were in the exhibit. He used to be a teacher at CSUF when it was founded and he helped to establish the art department to what it is today.  These are a few of my favorite pieces.

These structural pieces are completely handmade with a glue gun! He started this collection in 2010 and there are more than 50 in this series. And he is 80 years old. He is still inspired to work and create. I hope I can be as energetic and vibrant when I am 80 too!

I am done with school. I am ready to release these outdated beliefs I have about higher education. I feel so much freer than ever before. Student loans will be a pain and money will be tight, but I will be happy doing what I love.

I realize I have been severely  neglecting this blog and I am sorry! I have been so focused on the relaunch that I haven't stayed present here with you all. Blogger has been so good to me and I have met so many wonderful people through it! But I am super excited for this new chapter!

I also mailed out my final test to be a Certified Crystal Healer! Ahhhhh! I will know in a month or less! Send me good juju!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too! I just saw Epic yesterday, and it is really cute! Go see it! I wish I lived in Moonhaven and I want to be a Leaf Woman! <3

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

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Ten Day Fast

Drinking smoothies, juices, broths, teas, and waters for 10 days is going to be fun. So far, I am really positive and my body is feeling good, so we shall see what it feels like tomorrow. :-p

I've been trying to answer why I felt called to do this fast and there is not one definite answer. I want to try something I've never really attempted to try before because its fun and sparks my inner-warrioress. The word Clarity came to mind, so I am wondering how this word will weave through this fast. I have also been pretty unhealthy as of late and not taking care of my body as I should, so I hope this fast will be a reset button.

But most of all I want to prove to myself I can follow through with this. Show up for myself and the others in the group. I tend to start something but then move one fairly quickly, or lose the passion.

It feels like since the day I left home, it has been one transition after the other. I adjusted to a new place, changed majors multiple times, moved in with my love, and now I am ready to end this cycle. These next two weeks will also be concluding my graduate studies. I am leaving early. I am letting this go. I love museums and will keep visiting them, but I realize this path is no longer for me. I am ready to close the door of my college/school days and let this chapter rest. When I was growing up, my goal was to get out of my hometown and go to school. And that is what I did. I have two Bachelor degrees in Theater and Anthropology and I am proud to have earned them. However, I started letting the 'shoulds' and fears of being different hold me back from my true passions, and with student loans looming ahead,  I started to use college as a crutch. I am ready to brave this new journey and fly out of the nest. I'm ready to create my own NEST.

This Fast is exactly what I need right now, and it also ends the last day of my classes. Coincidence? I think not. New Beginnings, anyone?

I also just became a Certified Holistic Life Coach, and my heart is bursting with possibilities. I am so excited for Moondaughter and where she is flowing.

So for now, I sip my tulsi/raspberry leaf tea and observe this flow of energy. 

I may be more grumpy tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



Dream Seeds

This Pisces New Moon has dropped seeds into my dreams and new life is sprouting. This past week has been a creative rush filled with epiphanies, opportunities, a-ha moments, and soul alignment. When women gather together in sacred space - MAGIC HAPPENS. And it leaves me breathlessly in awe.

New realms are opening for Moondaughter. Crazy, beautiful, magical realms.

As I work with my word for the year: NEST, I am have come to realize my online 'nest' does not fit my vision for where I want Moondaughter to go and grow. I will be moving away from Blogger, Weebly (my website host), and even Etsy.

It's scary and I am nervous. I do not want to lose anyone and I am afraid I will be forgotten- one of my worst fears. However, listening to your intuition and aligning with your soul purpose does include growing pains sometimes.

As my offerings will be changing (profoundly and sacredly), I want a space that can hold everything in one sacred container and is easy to access for everyone-- not too mention a beautiful, cohesive design throughout (my new banner is hinting some new design elements).

So I am relaunching. And of course it needs to be on the New Moon! June 8th will usher in a new chapter for Moondaughter.

I would love for you to witness and join me in this experience.

How? On the New Moon of April 10th I will be hosting a FREE 8 week mini-e-course on Tarot and the Moon. Learn to use the Tarot as a tool for self-transformation working with your Lunar rhythms. Each week focuses on a card related to 1 of the 8 main Lunar phases. Signing up for my newsletter will ensure you of any big updates and helps you to keep in the loop while I move everything over! Please share this photo and my link with your friends, readers, and community!

All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter (you still receive the free e-book too! Not to mention secret sales just for you!):

Also, while I have been writing this post, I just found out Google reader will be retiring! So in a sense it only reaffirms my decision to move. I would also recommend you switch over and follow me on Bloglovin' too! All you have to do is click this button below!

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Or follow me on through RSS feed, as both of these platforms will transition over in June :)

SO so so excited! Thank you all so much for your love and support!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



New Moon Giveaway: Ostara Offering

Happy New Moon!

Here is another beautiful giveaway welcoming in the Spring! And OH MY it is a good one!


I am Magic by Katelyn Demidow
One lovely reader will win Katelyn Demidow's New Moon Detox Bath Blend and her handmade Rosemary Wreath for grounding, protecting, and blessing your home or sacred space. 

Have you seen her beautiful webspace? It is G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S 

Her links:


Another lovely reader will win a Intuitive Stone Reading from Tarot Kristy!

Here is a little info about what she does:

Hi everyone! I’m Kristy. I've been talking to rocks for what seems like forever. I’d love, more than anything, to be able to explain how I go about doing what I do. That’s easier said than done though. You see, each reading is completely different from the one before it. And it’s simply because each person is so very different. Each soul heals a different way. I let my intuition guide my hand, and Mother Earth my mind during the readings I give. She has a message that is both personal and special for each person I read for. It is through these tiny pieces of her that we are able to see and hear that message.

 I do not focus my readings on prediction, but on a wider view of your path, your journey, your purpose and challenges – a focus which may provide us with a likely possibilities every now and then, but centers deeply on what you are here to do, where you need healing, and how to create the future you hope to achieve. I help you identify the things you need to focus on in order to heal, grow, and reconnect yourself with Mother Earth.
Her links:

She was so kind and gave me a reading, and I must say I was so touched. She knows each of her stones like an old friend, and each stone's story resonated with me and my current situation. Her reading was reaffirming, soothing, and I learned about a new stone among the many she pulled for me! I really loved it and I am sure you will too.


Last, and certainly not least, one last lovely reader will win a custom Incense blend made by Laura Emily. 
In the words of Laura Em:

Giving away one custom Spring loose incense pack guided by spirit to aid you in your best intentions for the coming Spring. Custom incense pack will be made from a selection of herbs that have been cleansed and charged under the full and new moon. These custom incense blends are approached with sacredness and ceremony, allowing Spirit to guide me in finding the flowers and herbs that are calling for your attention. Custom incense pack will include a small branch of traditional white sage to smudge and cleanse off my energy before burning, along with a charcoal burning block. Burn the incense through the coming Spring season to assist you in your best intentions. 

Laura Emily's new launch on March 20th under her name Laura Emily, LLC. If this video doesn't give you goosebumps, I don't know what will.

About Laura Emily:
may you build a beautiful life, reflecting earth and looking towards the sun + moon.  
it is my ultimate desire to assist you on that path, tending the fire, examining the roots, and facing the morning sun together as we build something beautiful. Recently Good Earth Living, my herbal practice stretched and danced, but was ready to be laid down to rest, making room for spirit-filled intentions and gifts from my heart to yours. Pull up a seat with one of my ecourses on holistic and spirit led living, become a certified coach through my Apothecary Circle, and by all means, pass me the tea and lets chat one-on-one about the vision you desire to manifest. Love, how can I support you in this?  

xo, laura emily
<< See how she makes her bio about you? Such a giving soul, this one <3 >>
Her Links:
Website // Facebook // Accredited Courses // Pinterest
<<To Enter>>
Comment below and tell me your top 2 choices! Also what are you ready to reawaken this Spring?
Me? My energy! (and no, unfortunately I cannot enter my own giveaway!)
(All the links are under each lovely ladies' offerings)
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Winners will be announced in one week's time!!
Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter
A beautiful new project has began today! I teamed up with Katelyn (the sweet lady above), Laura Mazurek, and KV of Aquarius Nation for a bi-monthly New and Full Moon series. It incorporates astrology, ceremony, herbal remedies, inspired art all centering around Luna. Go take a look at your horoscope for this magical New Moon in Pisces! I am so blessed I get to work with these beautiful Goddesses! Click on the image below!


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