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Stone Medicine: Citrine and Earth Sessions!

Abundance Abundance Abundance

Manifesting Abundance with Laura Emily  is totally shifting my perceptions and my relationship with abundance (and speaking of abundance go to her blog for two amazing giveaways!)

Anyway, in honor of Abundance in all forms this month I will share abundance stones!

Beautiful Citrine is an amazing Abundance stone! Carry it around with you and abundance will literally flow into your life. I actually never really noticed, but since I have had Citrine in my life on my bedside table for the last year and when I started Moondaughter, so many creative collaborations and projects have come my way. Abundance is not all about money! 

Citrine is also a very uplifting stone as it cannot carry any negative energy. Always keep Citrine by your other stones for its cleansing ability. The other stones will not collect negative energy from the environment near Citrine, no way. And it won't let you keep negative energy in your own aura either. This stone also encourages optimism and is associated with the solar ckakra; where a our self-confidence, spark, and motivation dwells. Carrying Citrine with you always is the best medicine.

If you want to charge your Citrine for a specific purpose you want to manifest (let's say money) you can hold the stone in your dominant hand (the one you write with) and state you intention while holding your stone at heart level. Visualize what it will look and feel like to have that money and what would you do with it; act as if you already have it, and Citrine will know what to do to make it happen - you may not know how it will come to manifest, but it will be revealed. Trust in your stone allies!



I wanted to share an amazing collaboration I am doing with Laura Emily! We both have had questions from our readers about developing intuition and psychic powers so we created Earth Sessions: A 2 week E-course for Intuitive Development. We are showing fun and exploratory ways to work with Earth tools (me= crystals, LE= herbs) to reawaken our birthright as women: our sacred amazing healing intuition we all have!

Getting back in touch with our Earth and our inner sage women, awakens our gifts to enhance our lives and others. It will be a magical experience, and it's only $10. What do you got to lose? If you feel called and want more info, sign up here. We start on the Full Flower Moon, May 25th!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



New Moon Giveaway: Spring Offering

Happy New Moon!

Can I just say I am amazed by all of the talented people I have come across since I have been blogging here! I am so so grateful!

I have yet another wonderful giveaway just for you lovely Moondaughter readers!

This time, only one lucky gal will win these two offerings! 
Ummmm, I seriously wish I can enter too!

$40 Store Credit to Soulmakes! Their wild, beautiful bohemian jewelry is to die for!

Here's a little about SoulMakes:

The Soul Makes Beautiful Things..
Jewelry for free spirits, dreamers, rock 'n' rollers, stargazers, bohemian lovers, mystics, nomads and wanderers. 

Soul Makes is a collaboration between two love birds; MacKenzie and Trevor Mars. She is the designer and maker behind this collection of wild and free accessories and he is the photographer and visionary that breathed life into their passionate story. With jewelry designs that appeal to both men and women, our collection is inspired by all things worldly, capturing a little of the wild west, a bit of gypsy magic, and a whole lot of soul..

Their links:
<<Website>><<Shop>><<Facebook>><<Twitter: @mysoulmakes >>
<<Instagram: SoulMakesJewelry >><<Pinterest>>


An Herbal Astrology Profile by Gem at Gem Botanicals!

From Gem:

When we gaze up to the stars and deep within ourselves, we can discover a trove of teachings and gifts for achieving wellness and balance. An astrology-based approach to healing is truly holistic and completely individual -- your birth chart is a road-map to discovering your unique cosmic make-up. You will gain insight into your inherent gifts and challenges, and learn about the herbs, gemstones, animal spirit medicine, and lifestyle choices that can be allies for you on your journey. For more information about personalized astrology-based herbal profiles and my work, visit my shop and website!  

I received my own Herbal profile and it made so much sense. She pointed out to me new insights I hadn't seen before in my birthchart, but reaffirmed my health concerns. Her insight is beautiful, gentle, and wise. I love the unique and focused spin she brings to Astrology and how she incorporates nature and the elements. She offered so many ways to enhance my well-being through herbs and holistic remedies, I am excited to try them out! I am so glad I received this gift! 

Her links:

<<To Enter>>

>Follow Soulmake's Blog<
>Visit both shops (Gem and Soulmakes) and tell me your favorite items!<

(All the links are under each of the offerings)
Like Soulmakes on FB// Like Moondaughter on FB// Like Gem Botanicals on FB// Tweet this Giveaway// Follow Soulmakes on Twitter// Follow Soulmakes on Pinterest// Purchase the Starry Eyed Herbalist from Gem// Follow Soulmakes on Pinterest// Sign up for Gem's newsletter// Share this giveaway on FB// Share on your Blog// Pin this giveaway// Sign up for my newsletter to the left (the mini-ecourse starts later today!)

Please leave a separate comment for each extra thing you do 
(or at least make it very clear to me what you did) :)

<<must be a follower of my blog to qualify>>

The winner will be announced in one week's time!! Good luck!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

Ps. Go head over to watch your New Moon astrology report from KV and partake in my Chakra alignment meditation!



Full Moon: Libra/Venus Bath Soak

A lot of Moon happenings are going on right now! The first

KV Full Moon report

is live so check out your individual signs and the

moon ceremony

I created over there, as well as the beautiful


from Laura and a

releasing ritual

from Katelyn!

I wanted to do something a little bit different over here. Something more gentle embracing the Goddess Venus as her sign, Libra, is  ruling the Full Moon this month.

Taking a ritual bath is a really great way to embrace Lunar qualities, help to release stresses and anything blocking our energy, and get in touch with Venus and our body.


I created this recipe that I call Love Soak:

(I just filled my container and not necessarily any measurement)

3/4 Organic sea salt

A handful of pink Himalayan salt

Handful dried rose petals

Handful dried lavender buds

4-5 petals of dry pink hibiscus

6 drops Ylang Ylang oil

6 drops Geranium oil

1-2 drops vanilla essential oil

And mix altogether!

I loooooove the smell of this. As it settles, the aroma is just divine. The Hibiscus makes the water pink too! So add however much you want to increase the color! You can even add rose quartz, or whatever stones you want to soak with (just be careful they don't dissolve in water!).

The Full Moon is a great time to purify and cleanse your energy.

Tonight to either prepare for a Full Moon ritual, or to just relax and cleanse into the Lunar qualities, take a nice bath. Light candles, set the mood with music, light some incense - get in touch with your inner Venus. While in the bath, imagine all the negative energy leaving your body absorbing into the water.

Libra is about balancing, so think about what is out of balance in your priorities. Becoming aware and adding the things you need to nourish you will create more harmony and keep you in touch with your Venus qualities.

What are you doing this Full Moon?

Love and Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter



This week only I am offering A Season Full Moon reading!

Four cards:

Seed Moon, Planting Moon, Flower Moon

and an Overall theme for your Spring season



Herbal Tarot

Animal Spirit Oracle

Druid Plant Oracle

Soul Purpose Oracle

Goddess Oracle

Medicine Woman Tarot

or sign up for my newsletter and  and it's $22! (must verify your email, that you are on the list!)


Medicine Tarot

Herbal Tarot

Animal Spirit Oracle

Druid Plant Oracle

Soul Purpose Oracle

Goddess Oracle

email me at:

if you would like one!

I am offering them only this week! So get one while you can!



Moon Days: New Moon Brews

This New Moon weekend I turned my little kitchen into an apothecary cabinet. I created my tinctures on the New Moon since the Waxing Moon enhances the absorption of liquids. I brewed my own Moon-time tea with raspberry leaf, lady's mantle, and hibiscus flower- tart, yummy, and soothing- much needed on my own cycle. I created a vanilla rose bath salt blend with ylang ylang and geranium essential oils for a Galentine's Day gift exchange my friend is putting together, along with  a soothing detox mask of green clay, crushed lavender, and aloe vera powder. It's so much fun!!

I have a little extra so let me know if you would like a tin of any of my herbal creations! Contact me so we can work something out :)

What did you do this New Moon?

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

Ps.Go enter the New Moon Giveaway!<3


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