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New Moon Giveaway: Nourish Offering

Happy New Moon in Taurus! 

Taurus New Moon is earthy; inviting all your senses to indulge and nourish.

And I can't think of a better giveaway than this. 

One lovely soul will win this: Ally Sand's Earth Oils Nourishing kit with the Headache Relief Oil, Aura Cleanse Gemstone-infused Massage Oil, a set of the Full and New Moon Bath Teas, and a Quartz crystal mined from the San Diego Desert!

Here is some info about the Goddess behind Earth Oils:

I started this shop after a long time dream I had to make a crystal infused line of products. I started putting crystals in my massage oils a few years ago, and I wanted to bring the healing powers it gave me to the world. I have also suffered with migraines since my teenage years, and I have been using my own roll on remedy which I have infused with amethyst and quartz for its extra healing powers. I am a huge lover of baths, and I always take a cleansing ritual bath before practicing any kind of spell or during full/new moons. I created a unique set of bath soaks and teas for you lunar ladies who wish to cleanse your body before any kind of rite on the full/new moons or just want to feel extra special and relax in a luxurious floral bath. Everything is made with organic essential oils and all the bath soaks are fragrance free to allow the natural scent of the herbs and flowers to really stand out. 

I personally have her Headache Relief Oil and I love it! The Peppermint is not crazy overpowering but smells so intoxicating and feminine. And it does the job quickly! I love that it is a roll on for easy application to my temples, forehead and neck. I would almost wear it as perfume!

Her links:


Another reader will win one of my fave necklace designs from Roots & Feathers: Celeste

Laura's designs are so beautiful, earthy yet other-worldly and so full of soul. 

Her links:


Last, but not least, another winner will win these two AMAZING prints from the artist Gwen Davies!

Aren't these beautiful?! The details are breathtaking.

I had originally ordered them just for myself, but me living in the US and her in Wales, it took longer than expected to get here. I contacted her about it and she immediately and generously sent me another copy. A few days later my prints actually arrived, and these ones too! I knew I had to share the love and asked her if I could include them in the giveaway and she was delighted! So whoever wins these beauties, I will be shipping them out to you from the US and they are still unopened and untouched :)

Her links:

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The winners will be announced in one week's time!! Good luck!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



Full Moon: Libra/Venus Bath Soak

A lot of Moon happenings are going on right now! The first

KV Full Moon report

is live so check out your individual signs and the

moon ceremony

I created over there, as well as the beautiful


from Laura and a

releasing ritual

from Katelyn!

I wanted to do something a little bit different over here. Something more gentle embracing the Goddess Venus as her sign, Libra, is  ruling the Full Moon this month.

Taking a ritual bath is a really great way to embrace Lunar qualities, help to release stresses and anything blocking our energy, and get in touch with Venus and our body.


I created this recipe that I call Love Soak:

(I just filled my container and not necessarily any measurement)

3/4 Organic sea salt

A handful of pink Himalayan salt

Handful dried rose petals

Handful dried lavender buds

4-5 petals of dry pink hibiscus

6 drops Ylang Ylang oil

6 drops Geranium oil

1-2 drops vanilla essential oil

And mix altogether!

I loooooove the smell of this. As it settles, the aroma is just divine. The Hibiscus makes the water pink too! So add however much you want to increase the color! You can even add rose quartz, or whatever stones you want to soak with (just be careful they don't dissolve in water!).

The Full Moon is a great time to purify and cleanse your energy.

Tonight to either prepare for a Full Moon ritual, or to just relax and cleanse into the Lunar qualities, take a nice bath. Light candles, set the mood with music, light some incense - get in touch with your inner Venus. While in the bath, imagine all the negative energy leaving your body absorbing into the water.

Libra is about balancing, so think about what is out of balance in your priorities. Becoming aware and adding the things you need to nourish you will create more harmony and keep you in touch with your Venus qualities.

What are you doing this Full Moon?

Love and Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter



This week only I am offering A Season Full Moon reading!

Four cards:

Seed Moon, Planting Moon, Flower Moon

and an Overall theme for your Spring season



Herbal Tarot

Animal Spirit Oracle

Druid Plant Oracle

Soul Purpose Oracle

Goddess Oracle

Medicine Woman Tarot

or sign up for my newsletter and  and it's $22! (must verify your email, that you are on the list!)


Medicine Tarot

Herbal Tarot

Animal Spirit Oracle

Druid Plant Oracle

Soul Purpose Oracle

Goddess Oracle

email me at:

if you would like one!

I am offering them only this week! So get one while you can!



Feathering the Nest: DIY Dream Catcher Garland

My name is Leah Kent, and I am a teacher, maker, designer, and the founder of Skill It. I am also one half of the team offering “Feathering the Nest,” an e-course to guide you through the process of making your house into a cozy, nurturing home. My co-creator and co-teacher in this project is Stephanie Perkinson, a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach.

When Stephanie and I met we recognized that we are kindred spirits in every sense. We instantly bonded over our shared love of art, design, sewing, and finding small & simple ways to breathe more beauty and soul into our living spaces. We think that the things you choose to surround yourself have a profound effect on your mind, body, and spirit.

In Feathering the Nest we want to guide you to finding ways for your home to not only reflect the beauty inside of you, but to nourish and give back to you, in a way that transforms how you move through each day. This class is an eclectic two-week journey through your home, a sensual path to self discovery.

We will be creating beautiful things for our homes with our own hands, getting cozy with intuitive writing exercises and cooking up some delicious recipes. You'll also receive beautiful printables to use over and over as you hone your nesting style.

A little of what you can expect:

  • Inspiring exercises to draw out your dreams & desires
  • Step-by-step tutorials for beautiful, creative projects
  • A gorgeous Feng Shui & Home Chakra map for your nest
  • Tools and resources for carving out spaces of retreat & rejuvenation
  • Ideas for energizing and bringing life into your rooms
  • Recipes for natural, lovely-smelling cleansers
  • A sacred space online to share inspiration, photos, projects, and more

Because the journey is so meaningful when we share it with others, Feathering the Nest includes membership in a sacred online space to share your experience, pictures and inspirations with kindred souls.

Whether you space is large or small, rented or owned, we think you are going to love learning how to infuse each corner with your essence to create a sanctuary for you and all who inhabit it.

If you’d like to read more about the class that starts on April 1st, just click here. And be sure to use the exclusive 15% discount code for Moondaughter readers – just enter “MOON15” when you register.

You’re probably ready to dive in and start feathering your own nest right now…so we are delighted to share a beautiful tutorial for our Dream Catcher Garland with you today. Just click on the lovely image to print yours out and start nesting with soul…


I am so happy Leah and Stephanie approached me about this gorgeous offering, since my word of the year is NEST! I want to make a dream catcher garland now! And I now have to save some pennies and take this beautiful course!

Thank you so much Leah and Stephanie!

If you have a question about Feathering the Nest, please email them and they will get back to you right away:

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



Harvest: Grow Your Own Food E-course!

Ready to grow your own food?

Ready to learn the basics of permaculture and polycultures? Are you ready to build your OWN raised bed kitchen garden? Ready to provide yourself and your loved ones with NOURISHING, WHOLE, ORGANIC food?

Join me as we design, build, and grow our own permaculture garden, celebrate the spring season, and nourish ourselves and our earth with ecologically responsible, homegrown food!

When? Starting March 20th on Ostara, the Spring Equinox! Sign up here! Spots are limited!

I am so so SO excited to share my LOVE and PASSION for organic gardening, permaculture, and polycultures with you! Can you feel it, ya’ll? The longer days, the hint of spring whispering through the trees? My FAVORITE season is finally here! And I want to share it with YOU!

Harvest is a totally HANDS ON online course designed to guide you through an incredible journey of self-sufficiency! Harvest includes a FREE Permaculture Garden Collection – which includes ALL of the seeds you need to grow enough food for the ENTIRE year! 

Through the course of 4 weeks I will teach you how to located, design, and build an ORGANIC raised-bed kitchen garden. We will discuss building soil health. Together, we’ll start seeds and plant your polyculture kitchen garden, and bless the earth with our love and commitment to healing the earth AND ourselves through ecologically responsible gardening! 

I am so BLESSED and THRILLED to offer this journey to YOU, honey! 

What is included?

Access to an amazingly fun and lively private Facebook group where you will receive guidance and participate in discussions about organic gardening, permaculture, and homesteading!

(4) Weekly e-books with step-by-step guidance for designing your polyculture kitchen raised bed, soil preparation, starting seeds, planting, and so much more!
(4) Videos showing you exactly how to implement the gardening techniques I discuss in each e-book.
(1) Additional comprehensive e-book outlining the plants you will be growing, harvesting, and enjoying!
And the BEST part of all!
(1) Permaculture Gardening Kit - Containing all of the seeds you will need to grow, harvest, and enjoy every vegetable discussed in the Harvest e-course.
Limited Availability!
Harvest is offered only twice a year, in order for you to work with the growing season. Because the Harvest e-course includes the Permaculture Gardening Kit there are limited seats in each session, so come on in and sign yourself up for this BEAUTIFUL class!

Choose your session based on your region… Southern folks might want to do the Ostara 2013 (March 20th) session and folks in cooler climates might prefer the April New Moon ( April 10th) session! But, if you want to get a head start, join now for Ostara! If you miss out on Ostara and live in a warmer climate, don’t fret love! The April session will work JUST as well! 

ONLY 25 seats per class are available, so join now!

Dates where new info will be released to the group:
  • Wednesday March 20th - Welcome & Intro and Meet & Greet
  • Saturday March 23rd - Raised Bed Location, Design, and Construction
  • Saturday March 30th - Seed Starting
  • Saturday April 6th - Soil Health & Compost and Harvest Permaculture Garden Plants E-Book
  • Saturday April 14th - Planting the Polyculture & Wrap Up

And the seeds! They will work with most ANY temperate region in the continental US & Canada! The gardening kit is designed to work as an ecological system, with plants filling specific niches with the landscape.

Every Permaculture Garden Kit includes:

- Late Season Crops:
DeCicco Broccoli
Golden Acre Cabbage
Michili Chinese Cabbage

- Cool Season, Root, and Beneficial Pollinator Crops:
Bloomsdale Spinach
Nero di Tuscana or Lacinato Kale
Large-Leaf Round Mâche 
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
Sweet Valentine Lettuce
Australian Yellow Lettuce 
Chantenay Red Core Carrots
Red Ace Beet
Bachelor’s Button
Gem Marigold
Golden Marguerite 
Rocky Mountain Penstemon

- Legumes:
Strike Bush Green Bean 

- Alliums:
Garlic Chives

Sign up now to save your space!

The earth is calling to you, can you hear her?

Love to you!!
- Danielle of Hearth & Field

Hearth & Field is my love-child, born out of my desire to serve the earth and my community, through one-on-one healing sessions, homestead design services, sacred plant medicine, and online and local classes focused on medicinal and culinary plants in the landscape. I have been called to this path, and am honored to offer my knowledge, love, and compassion to clients who have a deep passion for integrating their lives and health with the divine healing energy of the earth.

Her links:


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