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10 Days of Juicing: Day 2

So Today...

I had the BEST breakfast juice! I read it is best to have your fruits juiced in the morning and stick with veggies for the rest of the day, with a dash of fruit for flavor. So my morning juice consisted of:

  • 1 mango
  • 2 white peaches
  • 1 bartlett pear
  • a handful of spinach

It was sooo good! Definitely going to keep this one in my recipe list! It was a little thicker, almost like a smoothie, and so tropically sweet! Yum.mie.

The Lunch juice... Not so appetizing. I was feeling very nauseated after this.

I had to drink a sip a water after each sip of juice... next time I will stick to an actual recipe! It was very beety and earthy... INTENSE.

This drink from Mother's Market was better, and called the Goddess of Greens. Love the name!

But I have to admit something, at the end of Day 2, I failed. I gave in and had a quinoa salad. My lunch drink was so disgusting to me, I couldn't juice after that. Even the Goddess of Greens couldn't bring me back. I feel really bad about it. And again, today what is supposed to be Day 3,  I had a light lunch of salad and apricots. 

Maybe adjusting the plan is okay. It is easier for me to juice in the morning and evening, and have a lunch at work.  

Besides my failure, I notice my teeth feel cleaner throughout the day. Towards the end of the day I usually feel the buildup of all the junk I throw in my mouth, but my teeth just feel better. I guess that should probably happen if you eat the right things!

So I guess I don't know where this leaves me. I am still going to juice, but maybe not be so spontaneous and prep more if I am going to fast. For now, I'll be juicing a lot and eating light lunches and dinners. I am sorry if I disappointed any of you who wanted to read more of my juicing experience, but I will definitely post some great juice recipes I find! Definitely try the one above, it is so so good!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



10 Days of Juicing: Day 1

The happenings of today...

My morning juice!
My lunch juice! But I ran out really quickly (It wasn't filled all the way) It takes a lot of veggies to juice!

So I went to Mother's Market and got something from there juice bar

Jimmy and I went shopping and these are our spoils :)

My dinner juice!

Me wanting solid food!

I survived my first day of juicing! I handled it pretty well, but got cranky around dinner time. The juices are very filling and yummy! You can get really creative with juices! On to day two! Goodnight, dear ones!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter



10 Days of Juicing

I am going to try my darndest at least! Starting tomorrow! I will make this my little journal of sorts and let you all know how it feels. Fasting is not only physical, but spiritual too. I will definitely need the help of Goddess too!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


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