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Today we have a gorgeous offering from Jody Sky Rogers: Eco-Intuitive writer. In honor of releasing her book Wild Essence, she is giving one copy away! Read below all about her process and intention for this gorgeous book and comment below to enter! One winner will be announced, Dec. 28th!

Blessings, Marissa xoxo.

This book is about coming home to your Self and connecting with the creative and divine essence within. It explores how you can loosen the grips of the barriers that diminish you and keep you trapped, barriers that disconnect you from your inner essence. So many women, myself included, struggle with both the external and internal shackles that set out to tame and cage their inner essence. Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve recognized the need to remind the women of the world whose souls have been broken in to submission, that they are essentially wild creatures of profound beauty who are meant to be and express all of who they are, not lurk in the shadows. You have incredible gifts to share that are of great value to all of us. Self-expression and self-realization are your birthright.

All of my writing is stems from personal experiences, my need to heal my soul and my desire to share the inspiring spiritual messages that I unearth along the way. The seed for the Wild Essence book germinated when I asked myself two questions, ‘What makes me feel free and uninhibited?’ and ‘What stands in the way of me being who I am fully?’

When I examined what stands in my way, it was very clear that my barriers stem from the stories and beliefs created by my negative experiences that I still project onto myself internally. On the subject of what makes me feel free, along with noticing that I am most at peace in moments of stillness, when I live from my heart space or when I focus on the things or experiences that inspire me, I also recognized that I feel most alive when I’m immersed in the beauty of the wild Earth. I find so much inspiration and healing from Mother Earth. Through my connection with Nature my soul is nurtured. I’ve become acquainted with the idea of the Divine Feminine and discovered the love of the Goddess in the wilderness. It occurred to me that perhaps the wilderness makes me feel so alive and attuned to Spirit because it is an outward projection of the inner essence alive within the center of my being – my wild essence. The wild Earth is a reflection of the abundance, vibrancy and untamed nature of our unlimited inner spirit. For that reason, wilderness became my metaphor for spiritual peace and freedom. This book therefore also includes intricately woven threads of wild whispers, insights and analogies from Nature.

Wild Essence puts forward that walking a spiritual path and reconnecting with the inner wilderness is like an un-taming of a domesticated heart and restoring one’s soul to its freest and most natural form. I share some of the experiences, lessons and helpful approaches that have brought me to a place of healing, peace and freedom on my journey with the intention to assist you on your own journey as you reclaim a deeper connection with your inner wilds.

In addition, each chapter therefore includes positive affirmations/mantras and meditations to help you tap into your heart space and reconnect with the magical expanses of your inner wilds.

You can purchase the book at these sellers:


Balboa Press

Barnes and Noble

Jodi will be giving one copy of her book to one of my Moondaughter readers! Simply  comment below:

Describe your Wild Essence....

The Winner is......


Please email me at: to receive your copy!


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CMP Update!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to give you an update about the CMP. I closed registration because I am COMPLETELY revamping the whole program. It is very exciting and fun and a lot of work! Right after my day job, I go straight to work on my home computer! It is making me sleep deprived, but it will be worth every moment! I can't tell you how fun it is creating it!


Key Highlights of the New CMP:

  • The program will be completely self-paced now. There will be options to receive all the e-books at once, one at a time with weekly emails, and even beautiful spiral bound prints!
  • There will be a companion handbook to go along with the CMP. It will compliment each course, give you references, notes and journal pages, and overall this book is awesome and I am so excited to share it!
  • There will be plenty of price options and plans. The higher tiers will include Moon altars for Lunar Flow and crystal kits for Stone Medicine as well as prints of the e-courses!
  • You will always have full email support from me and there will be a self-study group, where we can all hang out and share our experience.
  • And of course there will be a certificate for you at the end of the whole program giving you the title of Certified Metaphysical Practitioner! (I have a few I need to mail out already!)

I am kicking my butt to relaunch on September 1st. I really hope I can, but we shall see. That is my goal! 

If you have any questions please refer to my FAQ first - I honestly don't have a lot of time to answer emails  as quickly as I would like, but please know I will email you back as quickly as I can!

Lunar & Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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Hello moongazers and magic makers!! And Happy magical Beltane to you all!

Magic. Renewal. Love. Growth. Spring and Beltane encompass these energies. I am ready to step into this magic.

In June, Moondaughter will be 2 years old! It is amazing how far this little blog has come and where my creativity and messages about lunar energy have blossomed. I have made so many magical connections in this community and the sisterhood/ moon tribe is one of my rocks. It has been an amazing journey and I am so excited for where it is going!

I have been meditating on where the CMP is going and I must say it has been such a learning experience. 

I knew the messages I wanted to share, I knew the energy I wanted to create, I knew the tribe I wanted to gather with, and then I just dived in.

I believe everyone has the ability to create a thriving reality. Great Spirit/Mother Nature/the Universe gives us tools to use and share as long as we keep our hearts open to this cosmic energy. And I completely believe in the power of the Moon, crystals, Tarot, and Chakras. I like to think I help women create a unique spiritual toolkit with a little bit of Luna, Soul, Magic, and lotta love in the mix!

It has been challenging to my energy for sure - I am an interesting mix of a social butterfly and sensitive hermit crab, but it has helped me stretch and grow in ways I would have not otherwise. I honestly have no downtime between all my live courses for the rest of the year! (Ummm maybe I should have planned that better....)  but I tend to be a workaholic/over-achiever in that way on top of having a day job. However, I am finally listening to my body to slow down, so this will be the last round of LIVE CMP courses to take (the last live e-course will be the 2015 Chakra Rhythm). You will need to register during this time if you wish to work through each course with me and the magical tribe discovering tarot, following the moon, working with crystals and magical energy! I will close registration after June until late summer/early Fall!

My number one question from everyone is: is the CMP a self-study program?

And the answer is it will be! I am in the middle of creating a self-study CMP (go over and take a survey for this program!)! I am still mulling over giving all the e-books/e-courses out at once, one at a time, or automatically timed, or different options (what do you all think?) - either way this is happening in the near future! Of course, the groups will still be in place for community and support, no way will I ever take them down! We just won't be working through the course content.

I plan on offering Self-Study options available to purchase in late summer/early fall!

This will be a win-win for everybody: everyone can study in their own time, it will be more affordable, I will have more time to rest and create more courses or whatever else I see coming for Moondaughter.

So in honor of my 2 year anniversary, and the new path the Certified Metaphysical Practitioner Program will take, I am offering the whole program for $99 in May and June only!

The four e-courses, certification, and amazing community all for $99.

These live classes are online and worked through together in an online community (private Facebook group). I release content in password protected pages throughout the co  urse via email and the group. The group offers so much love, support, and inspiration!&nbsp;

These live classes are online and worked through together in an online community (private Facebook group). I release content in password protected pages throughout the course via email and the group. The group offers so much love, support, and inspiration! 

I have poured so much into these classes and everyone always comments on how loving the community is - it truly is a blessing in my life! If you have waited on the sidelines, this will be your time to act. The live classes are so inspiring and we grow so much together. 

There is also super affordable payment plans to take advantage of. And you can sign up for my affiliate program to share in the abundance!

I am super excited for this new journey. I want everyone to share in this magic if you feel called to. The awesome deal will only last 2 months! I hope to walk this cosmic Lunar path with you and witness our growth together. 

Sign up here

or here (make sure to scroll down for payment plans)

No coupon code needed - the price is already adjusted. AND be sure to send me your preferred email address for the program!

Dance with your Lunar Rhythm. Cultivate your Magic.

Lunar and Crystal Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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