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Sacred Mornings

My mornings are anything but sacred. They are hazy. Unintentional. Unconscious. Roll-out-of-bed -and-get-to-work kind of mornings. My word of the year, Devotion, is going to be so hard for me. Especially in the mornings.

I am a night owl through and through, and the Moon is like my sun. Which is fine, but I also need balance. I need to remember the Sun too. I want my mornings to be sacred, I want to be centered before I go to work. I want to be AWAKE! before coffee!

But I know I need to ease into it. This will not be easy for me. And I need to find my morning rhythm and honor it. I wanted to throw this out there into the world to keep me accountable.

And then I did this today. We do not have the best mattress (a goal of mine is to get a better one this year), and lately I've been waking up to a very tight lower back. While I was still half asleep I rolled my legs up against the wall, and breathed and slept. Jimmy still sleeping, nestled his arm around me and it was lovely to slowly wake up like this, as my alarm was blaring. 

I brought my legs into a figure four against the wall and let gravity release my hips. And then I brought my feet together into butterfly again, up on the wall. And somehow I found myself sitting up with my hands at heart center and I was awake. I just did an asana half asleep in bed before I woke up to start my day! What the what! I was so excited I took these photos after the fact.

I started where I was literally. Asleep in bed. My spirit led me and my cells remembered. I need to trust myself like this everyday! I am inspired to have more mornings like these. I will keep you updated with my morning routine as it evolves and unfolds.

please tell me, loves,

What is your morning routine?

How do you start your day with intention and spirit? 

Mornings Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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Today we have a gorgeous offering from Jody Sky Rogers: Eco-Intuitive writer. In honor of releasing her book Wild Essence, she is giving one copy away! Read below all about her process and intention for this gorgeous book and comment below to enter! One winner will be announced, Dec. 28th!

Blessings, Marissa xoxo.

This book is about coming home to your Self and connecting with the creative and divine essence within. It explores how you can loosen the grips of the barriers that diminish you and keep you trapped, barriers that disconnect you from your inner essence. So many women, myself included, struggle with both the external and internal shackles that set out to tame and cage their inner essence. Drawing from my own experiences, I’ve recognized the need to remind the women of the world whose souls have been broken in to submission, that they are essentially wild creatures of profound beauty who are meant to be and express all of who they are, not lurk in the shadows. You have incredible gifts to share that are of great value to all of us. Self-expression and self-realization are your birthright.

All of my writing is stems from personal experiences, my need to heal my soul and my desire to share the inspiring spiritual messages that I unearth along the way. The seed for the Wild Essence book germinated when I asked myself two questions, ‘What makes me feel free and uninhibited?’ and ‘What stands in the way of me being who I am fully?’

When I examined what stands in my way, it was very clear that my barriers stem from the stories and beliefs created by my negative experiences that I still project onto myself internally. On the subject of what makes me feel free, along with noticing that I am most at peace in moments of stillness, when I live from my heart space or when I focus on the things or experiences that inspire me, I also recognized that I feel most alive when I’m immersed in the beauty of the wild Earth. I find so much inspiration and healing from Mother Earth. Through my connection with Nature my soul is nurtured. I’ve become acquainted with the idea of the Divine Feminine and discovered the love of the Goddess in the wilderness. It occurred to me that perhaps the wilderness makes me feel so alive and attuned to Spirit because it is an outward projection of the inner essence alive within the center of my being – my wild essence. The wild Earth is a reflection of the abundance, vibrancy and untamed nature of our unlimited inner spirit. For that reason, wilderness became my metaphor for spiritual peace and freedom. This book therefore also includes intricately woven threads of wild whispers, insights and analogies from Nature.

Wild Essence puts forward that walking a spiritual path and reconnecting with the inner wilderness is like an un-taming of a domesticated heart and restoring one’s soul to its freest and most natural form. I share some of the experiences, lessons and helpful approaches that have brought me to a place of healing, peace and freedom on my journey with the intention to assist you on your own journey as you reclaim a deeper connection with your inner wilds.

In addition, each chapter therefore includes positive affirmations/mantras and meditations to help you tap into your heart space and reconnect with the magical expanses of your inner wilds.

You can purchase the book at these sellers:


Balboa Press

Barnes and Noble

Jodi will be giving one copy of her book to one of my Moondaughter readers! Simply  comment below:

Describe your Wild Essence....

The Winner is......


Please email me at: to receive your copy!



Boho Collective: Plumeria Hibiscus Beauty Oil

On the Boho Collective today you can find this yummy flower and rose quartz infused oil today.... for your skin and hair! 

Hibiscus and Plumeria are known as the beauty flowers. They are very moisturizing for dry skin and are packed with anti-oxidants. Hibiscus is used for clarifying and dandruff control as well as hair growth. Plumeria, or Frangipani, has an intoxicating scent and is known to bring inner peace and self-love. So why not combine these two to make an ultimate beauty oil for your skin and hair?

Read the recipe here...

Love & Flower Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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Raw Self Love

raw self love

I have been struggling with some deep issues of self love lately, and I guess you can say shit hit the fan this past week. Stress and nerves kicked my butt, realities I didn't want to accept smacked me in the head, and now I am finally shaken up ready to listen. 

I was hard on myself. And that's self-love too.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves some tough love. Don't get me wrong, I am all about soothing and nourishing self-love that is tender and heart warming, but I am also fiery and I am not afraid to say to myself, " what's up with you, Marissa?" When I embodied the fiery sassy goddess in me and finally called myself out, I released what I needed to release. It was hard - I wanted a pity party, but I accepted myself and my lesson and moved on.

And you know what? It felt pretty damn empowering.

So I am calling this Raw Self Love. We need this rawness to pump us up, get empowered, and switch gears.

Since I have accepted this tough love, my life is flowing again. There are no obstacles I made for myself. I cleared the way because I threw out my guilt for being hard on myself. Sometimes I am hard on myself for no good reason, but sometimes I am because I need it. And to know the difference finally is a game changer.

Tough Love. Raw Self Love. True Love. 

My Wild Woman is calling

I know I am enough. And. So. Are. You.

raw self love

What is your Raw Self Love?

Oh, and Happy Full Moon :)

In Fierce Love,

Marissa Moondaughter

moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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