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Seasonal Blog Artisans for Moondaughter! Let's Work Together!

Do you love to write an blog? Let's work together!

Moon beams, I need your help.

The thing is, I have neglected my poor blog for a while now. I love this blog and I want it to grow and blossom more, but I am being pulled in so many directions that blogging gets pushed to the side most of the time.

And then a magical epiphany hit me right on my crown chakra. ;)

What if my magical readers, who wanted to get more exposure, who write with their hearts and spirits, came and wrote for me?! 

And then I thought, what if it was seasonal?! Spring is coming into bloom with new life and possibilities, the timing seems fated!

Who is with me?!

If you are interested and this calls to your spirit, please fill in the information below!

Seasonal Artisan Blogger

or goddess, or magic maker, or cosmic writer (I'll leave your title up to you) :)

Looking for: 2-3 cosmic goddesses (or gods), to write a minimum of 2 blog posts per month about spiritual, holistic, earthy and cosmic topics. 

Duration: You would contribute for 1 season (3 months), or stay longer if you feel called :)

Compensation: I cannot afford to pay anyone at the moment, but within the 3 months you will receive my whole CMP program! That is 4 e-courses, LOTS of meditations, and a lot of mystical information! If you already have the CMP we can work something out :)

Application Due date is: February 28th 2015 

Beginning date: Spring Season, after March 21st :)

Application form

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Shades of Autumn

I am reawakening. My senses seem to inspired and buzzing again. Lately I have been feeling stagnant. Maybe that is too harsh of a word... more like reserved. Quiet. Re-calibrating. Filling up my well.

The holiday season truly fills me up. I love the decor, symbolism, the colors, the Christmas music on the radio, the food, cold weather... I love everything about the holidays. So my heart is filling to the brim with excitement and enchantment. It feels good to feel like this again. I know it's not yet Thanksgiving, but as soon as we get home from visiting my family we are getting a tree!

Moondaughter Wish Bottles coming soon......

Moondaughter Wish Bottles coming soon......

I am making more items for my Etsy shop too! I am so inspired right now to make little gifts for Yule and Christmas. Everything will be stocked for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. I will be offering a discount code soon, so keep a look out or sign up for my newsletter!

BY THE WAY: Do you like my new logo!? My friend and design goddess, Raina Shannon created my beautiful Moon Goddess logo! I adore her! I was so inspired and changed my whole website! everything feels so much cleaner now. My tabs are organized again and less cluttered. Please feel free to explore! I am not finished, and I will be redoing pages, but let me know what you think!

If you have any design needs for your own business, especially for holiday packaging, feel free to email Raina for rates and what she has to offer! She is amazingly talented! Email her at:

Lunar and Crystal BLESSINGS,


moon my compass // intuition my voice // crystals my companions

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Winter Lunar Flow: A Vlog

So while I was creating this vlog, you will witness an interruption from my sweet and loving cats.... sigh. They like to cause a ruckus. So I thank you in advance for your patience! (And I didn't want to say everything again!)

I am really excited for this Lunar Flow coming up on December 2nd. This is a really unique cycle because the next New Moon will actually be on January 1st! We will release 2013 and welcome in new intentions for our next year ahead! 

If you are wanting to join the CMP, your next chance will be this Winter Lunar Flow! And if you want the Winter Crone package you can look here. There are many ways to join my e-courses, just ask! And if you know a sister or friend that would love this work, this would make a great gift!  

Lunar Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter

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