The Red Tent: Embrace your Sacred Ceremony every Moonth


Dear Moonbeams,

I want to share another free resource on my website to support you. As a Lunar Priestess I am called to serve through the Divine Feminine aspect and this work is deeply connected to the Womb and the Blood Mysteries.

It is time to no longer be shamed, or feel pain and grief through such a natural and sacred cycle women go through.

Enter the Red Tent

My very first e-course I ever created years ago was called Honor Your Moon-Time. It was a 7 day ceremony embracing your time of month.


You can now find it all in a separate blog. May it bring you closer to your Womb space, help you honor your beautiful body no matter if you bleed are irregular or if you have entered the Season of the Crone.

Moon + Stone
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Moon + Stone

Lunar Guidance & Crystal Healing

Learn to track your energy with the Moon & receive a custom Moon Stone crystal kit to support you through each moon phase and moon cycle

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I have one more opening for my unique Lunar and Crystal offering, that you can start tomorrow on this potent New Moon in Leo!

This offering will help you track your energy for 2 moon cycles, learning about your unique ebb and flow. After these cycles I will gather the data you provide me and create a custom Crystal Moon + Stone kit you can work with through each Moon phase.

Your Moon Stone kit will have 8-12 stones within it as well as practices and crystal recipes you can create with your Moon Stone kit to support you through future Moon cycles!

What you will receive

  • Weekly email support throughout the 2 months

  • Lunar Flow E-book

  • 8-12 crystals infused with Reiki intuitively chosen by me. Stones are chosen based off of your moon compasses and journals from the 2 moonths of tracking your cycles

  • A custom Moon + Stone e-book with information on your unique crystal kit, how to work with them and crystal recipes you can use throughout the moon phases and future moon cycles!

Dark Moon Blessings,

Marissa Moondaughter