What is Lunar Living? And the One Simple Ritual that can Change Your Life.

Dear Moonbeams,

You may have heard me using this term lately, but what exactly is Lunar Living? I am Moondaughter, so obviously it is related to the Moon (as stated in the name), but I wanted to explain it here in a little more depth.

For me, Lunar Living is one of my deepest passions and one of my soul purposes here this lifetime. If there is one thing I want women to take away from my teachings or offerings it is how to Lunar Live.

The most basic description of Lunar Living is literally living in tune with Moon, but there are deeper layers to it still.


Lunar Living is remembering and honoring our cyclical nature.

Katelyn Demidow photography

Katelyn Demidow photography


We are a microcosm of the universe. Our bodies cycle naturally with the Moon, she pulls on the oceans of our cells like she does the Earth. She keeps the Earth on her axis in their ongoing dance of push and pull, thus keeps the seasons of the Earth, the Great Wheel of the Year moving and flowing around us and within us.

Everything around us and within us happens in cycles.

But the reality is, we are cyclical beings living in a linear society. We are not meant to live and grow in one straight line for the rest of our lives. It is so limiting! It is so shallow and one dimensional.


linear living to lunar living

Our society wants us to believe there is only one way to succeed, one way to be happy, one way to live, when in fact it does not take into account the mind, body, or spiritual needs of the unique individual. We are cyclical creatures who ebb and flow in our own time; we move through different phases of our lives in our own time, and once we honor these sacred rhythms, that's when we can truly begin to feel clarity. We will be able to hear our own intuition and our purpose and gifts will be clear. We will have courage and strength to follow what makes us truly happy and we will define what success is on our own terms and no one else's.

When you choose to make the shift from linear living to Lunar Living, you can begin to live on your own terms intuitively. You take your power back, you will begin to embody your power and your magick. Your unique gifts will reveal themselves and you will shine and inspire others to do the same.

This is why I am passionate about Lunar Living. So all women can live in deeper connection with their inner rhythms and their cycles, trust their intuition and see the magick of their unique cycles unfolding all the time. No matter what season you're in, no matter what moon phase, no matter where you are beginning, there is deep wisdom and magick within you. All you need to do is say yes and embrace your cyclical, lunar nature.

Lunar Living is aligns your energy to the cycles of the Moon, and the Earth, and even the stars.

You can begin lunar living today, truly you can. I'm going to share with you and invite you to do this one ritual for the next whole moon cycle starting July 31st on a New moon in Leo and this one exercise can change your life. It literally can take 5 minutes or as long as you want it to.


Moon bathe, babes.


Go out underneath the Moon every night for at least 5 minutes and let the moonlight bathe your bare skin. You don't need to be naked, or skyclad, but it definitely is an option! :)

At least have your bare arms and heart center open to the moonlight. Stand rooted on the Earth with your bare feet and feel the connection between the Earth energy - the grounding, the stability, the nourishment from the Great Mother; and the Lunar energy- the cosmic, ethereal, soothing and calming energies. Let these two energies merge in your body - the Moon and Earth are sisters, they are companions, so it is important to feel both of their energies working together, swirling and flowing through your body.

Under the moonlight feel the ocean of your cells open to this energy as you are a Divine vessel for the cosmic and the earthly energies to move through you. We are beings of both the earth and of the cosmos. We are keepers of the sacred cycles of Life, of magick, of mystery. These deep seeds of wisdom are within us, so let the moonlight water and nurture them.

Feel the moonlight light up all your chakras while feeling the Earth anchor you and keep you rooted in the now. Within your body feel the push and pull of the gravity, the great dance between the Sacred Sisters, on you and feel your auric energy softening, and opening, and expanding to receive these sacred mysteries.


the Benefits of Moon Bathing

The moonlight will calm your central nervous system, you will sleep better and most likely your hormones will begin to balance back as they should because the Moon is intimately connected to the hormonal cycle and endocrine system. There are amazing benefits to Moon bathing... It helps us shift out of the linear living - the hustle of the day, the “grind,” that keeps us in flight or fight mode and bombards the adrenals. Moon bathing will help your body decompress and nourish your water body - your emotions, your circulation… You will come back to yourself.

This beautiful practice can be done every night. You will start to feel your energy, your aura, your physical body and your water body come back into equilibrium. You will begin to feel the subtle energies of the Moon pull and push against your inner tides and you will begin your own unique dance of the ebb and the flow with the Moon in a way you never have before. You will feel a deeper connection to the sacred cycles of the Earth. Your relationship with the Moon will grow and deepen. Your intuition will be so strong and potent and you will be eager to listen to her voice. You will see the Moon in a new way and thus see yourself in a new way… The Moon changes ever-so-slightly every day just as you change ever-so-slightly everyday and you will see the magick in that and be in awe.

Most importantly, you will begin to see yourself as an integral part of the Great Mysteries and Magick of the Universe. Because your magick and gifts and intuition matter. You are magick. You are the Moon. You are the Universe contained within your trillions of cells just like the trillions of stars out there.

Once you shift into Lunar Living and you will never go back to linear living ever again.