Retrograde RX: Recipes to get through the retrograde season

Dear Moonbeams,

Retrogrades do not have to be scary. That being said, it doesn’t mean they are not intense!

Retrogrades in Eclipse seasons are INTENSE…. I am not just talking about the Mercury Retrograde, no no. But, we are still in the thick of Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto retrogrades… not to mention the Chiron Retrograde that came into effect on 7/8/19. There is a lot of retro-energy circulating around us, on top of pesky Mercury! Double on top of this huge Eclipse portal we are living in right now. SIX retrogrades are in effect right now!

Hence, Retrograde season.

Please don’t panic. There is hope, and there are ways to navigate this season and make it out alive and even more aligned in your truth and power.

The Rx

I find it extremely fascinating and helpful to look at the symbol RX. This is the symbol for all retrogrades, so if you see this symbol next to a planet, that planet is in retrograde.. Mercury RX, Saturn RX, etc.

This is also the symbol for medical prescriptions. It is not by coincidence either. The RX symbol is an abbreviation of the Latin word "recipere," or “recipe,” which means “to take.” Astrology was an ancient science that medical doctors used to help heal their patients for quite some time. It’s my own theory that maybe during the planetary retrogrades MD’s were prescribing certain things to take and do during each retrograde.

Gaining clarity from my Dream Catcher Spread

Does a prescription mean you need healing? Or that something is wrong? No, I don’t think so. But we can take in new information, and process it and integrate it into our lives if we think it brings more fulfillment, joy, and ease.

So to take in, we are to receive. Receive what though? Receive the wisdom from each planet and our unique connection with it? Receive messages and insight? Receive clarity? Receive healing or balance? I think it depends on each individual and their journey thus far.

This new meaning of RX has really helped shift my perspective of Retrogrades… there is a recipe, or lesson, I am supposed to take in. I can also create my own recipe or prescription to find ease and flow during this time.


My Retrograde recipes:

These are the recipes, or lessons, I am processing and learning right now through the thick of it all, maybe some of you can relate (at least tell me I am not the only one!)

Mercury RX (goes direct on: 7/31/19): Communication - listening and speaking. Re-evaluate current projects.

  • Stay focused in the present moment

  • Breathe deeply from the womb

  • Be adaptable: shipping all the decks and planners with a teething 9 month old!

  • Get some good sleep when I can

  • Declutter my home and let energy flow through

  • Focus on my words and how they make an impact on myself and others

Jupiter RX (goes direct on: 8/11/19): Abundance and pleasure. Ability to manifest will be tested.

  • Find and release the source of my “lack and scarcity mindset”

  • Shift into a mindset of gratitude and abundance

  • Give myself grace and compassion

  • Have dance parties and move my body in fun ways

  • Create an abundance crystal grid

Saturn RX (goes direct on: 9/18/19): Lifetime and/or career goals. Our ideas of achievement and success will be tested.

  • Redefine my big vision and goals

  • Clarify my offerings

  • Ground myself everyday

  • Put my bare feet on the earth everyday

  • Keep my desk clear and clean

Pluto RX (goes direct on: 10/3/19): Transformation - how we adapt to change will be tested. Shadow work.

  • Release my fear about the future

  • Dive into Shadow work

  • Integrate my shadow and see it as an ally

  • Create a releasing ceremony

Recipes to Navigate the Retrograde Season

Neptune RX (goes direct on: 11/27/19): Spirituality and intuition. How can we connect more deeply?

  • Close the separation with my Spirit

  • Embody my High Priestess Self

  • Reconnect with my guides

  • Clean and renew my altar

  • Pull a card daily to connect with my intuition

  • Do 1 soulful thing for myself everyday

Chiron RX (goes direct on: 12/12/19): The Wounded Healer. Focus on boundaries, your physical body, your unique gifts

  • Listen to my body, my primal intuition

  • Heal my gut

  • Daily Crystal Reiki treatments

  • Focus on seed cycling and cycle syncing

  • Honor my body as a temple

  • Focus on mirror work

These are my own Retrograde prescriptions. They may seem simple to some, but sometimes simplicity has the most potency.

Tonight under the Lunar Eclipse, invite your Higher Self to step in and give you your own prescriptions and recipes for the retrogrades.

Hint: They should light you up, and feel really really good, with a tinge of scary, but exciting scary!

Then take action on them and begin to integrate them into your daily life. Feel free to use mine as well. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!


May this Retrograde season empower you to step into your magick, and live into your truth!

Xoxo, Marissa