Magick Numbers: Magick is Afoot! Big Updates!

Dear Moonbeams,

It is a new season, my favorite season, and change is in the air!

Change is happening very abruptly in my life right now, it is a mix of scary and exciting, but all I can do is keep flowing through it. Nothing super bad or anything, but definitely abrupt. I will be sharing more soon as I keep navigating this unknown territory.


As much as change can be scary, change is beautiful too!

We recently went on a roadtrip to New Mexico- Jimmy, me and the baby, for a potential job opportunity for him. During this trip I set the intention for being open to what the Universe has in store for us next.

Me in all my roadtrip glory!

Me in all my roadtrip glory!

Magick Numbers

Well, the Universe decided to answer.

The Universe showed me every angel, or magick number!

I honestly wish I could have captured every time I saw the numbers, but they mostly flickered by on license plates or freeway exits as we passed by.

But I saw them!


11:11- my estimated arrival time on my GPS while driving out to meet Rachael

222- the hotel door right next to the stairs we went up to get to our room in Flagstaff. Meant to be!

333- A huge exit sign we drove past on our way home. I literal sign for huge changes up ahead!

444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999- were on license plates I saw throughout the trip. I remember bickering in the car with Jimmy and looked up to the 666 license plate, and I heard a voice that said, “Slow down!” That immediately made me stop fighting and check in with my breath.

And since I was only staying 2.5 hours away from Rachael, I knew we had to finally meet in person (this lifetime)! And we finally did!



Rachael and I finally met after at least 7 years of knowing each other and 4 years of creating our Moon Child Spirit de la Lune (I told her we needed to take selfies with our personal zodiac signs: sun, moon, and rising ;).

We are Soul Sisters, friends, business partners, and sweet and spicy (according to our chai latte preferences, and very fitting ;). It felt so normal to just connect and hangout like normal friends and I hope we can do it again soon! I love you Rachael! We have fun projects coming up AND you can pre-order our 2020 Tune to the Moon planners now!


A full year with Autumn Rose!

This week we have a lot of family coming into town because Saturday will be my daughter's first birthday! How did she grow so fast!?

She has changed my world completely and were gonna have so much fun celebrating!

We love you Autumn Rose!


New E-Course and Free Tarot Challenge!

Copy of Lunar Magick.png

Things are moving very quickly from here on out, so I'm excited to say I am launching my new e-course, Lunar Magick, in November!

If you want to sign up, or just curious, definitely plan on joining the wait list for half off enrollment when it launches! You can join the waitlist below!

Thankful Tarot Challenge logo.png

In November, I will also be hosting my first tarot challenge on Instagram! The #thankfultarotchallenge! When you join the waitlist for my Lunar Magick course, you will receive the free 30 Day Thankful Tarot Challenge Journal and details on how to enter to win a spot in my new course! Woohoo! Go sign up now!

Alright my loves, I think that is it for now! Love you all so much!

XO, Marissa