I am back!

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe it has been over a year and a half since I last blogged here! I have multiple drafts in the blog that I never even started, but you know, it just wasn't time. And that is okay.

A lot has happened in this past year... 2016 was probably the most challenging, yet rewarding year of my life so far, so let me catch you up!

I got married!

On Christmas day in 2015 when the Moon was full, my love asked me to be his wife in front of my whole family! He is so brave and he did not tell anyone! So we were all surprised!

So half of 2016 I was planning our wedding on a low budget, and it was time consuming, stressful, eye-opening, and fun! Oh and we also moved into a bigger place 2 months before we got married, which was intense in itself! 

And so so worth it :)

I may write a more detailed post about it in the future, but we shall see. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Spirit de la Lune launched!

The moon deck of my dreams and in my heart for almost 10 years was finally created by Rachael and I! The feedback, love, and support has been absolutely phenomenal and mind blowing! We are even nominated for a few awards from the International Tarot Foundation!

I have been busy blogging and creating over on the Spirit de la Lune website, so feel free to explore our website! We will be restocked soon with decks, but we also offer art prints and 2017 calendars! We also have free downloadable Zodiac Moon compasses on the offerings page!

The Moondaughter Mystic School

As you know, I revamped my programs and even added a few new programs in the Moondaughter Mystic School. My e-courses will always evolve as I grow spiritually and it has been an amazing journey. Go explore my new programs and take the Mystic Quiz!

2017 is for Thriving

My word of the year is THRIVE. I turned 30 and for my new decade I want to set the foundation for thriving. I want to experience thriving on all levels: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially. So far I feel really good about 2017. At least in my own little bubble. I've already decluttered most of my home using the Kon Mari method, and actually decorated and settled in since the wedding. It frees up so much energy, it is amazing what a nice clean home does for your well being. It sets the foundation to thrive, at least for me.

Now I am focusing on my body. I want to lose some weight, focus more on nourishing food, which means I will need to cook (something I have never really enjoyed) and I want to create a exercise/movement routine that flows with my ebb and flow. I want this blog to be where I share my journey about thriving, my spirit and my personal spiritual practices, and I just want to connect more. 

I feel so inspired and motivated to make this my best year yet! And I hope you come back here, because I have some fun posts planned! I will talk to you all soon!

Blessed be,


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